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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Child like faith believe with your heart !

this blog taken from my notes of 6am this morn
this has really been hard for me to keep a low profile and give up my social life as a social butterfly withdraw from the outside world.i really had no life.went back to the basics and very simple life.
took me about 59yrs to make the trip from my head to my heart thinking and im so glad now i made the trip LOL.i have had 8yrs of downtime and its afforded my much spiritual growth. i wouldn't have been able to do it in the outside world with all the chaos and total busyness.i was so busy didnt know if i was coming or going.
my life now has taken on different meaning.i have more child like awe! i find almost everything amazingly funny.i watch america funniest video's sometimes and i sit there just cracking up.i laugh so hard last night i was crying.LOL
all the sweet little thing make me happy especially being out in nature. Quote:man must go back to nature for information.thomas paine(this probably my favorite quote 2nd time i have wrote it on here.)
i went into this downtime 8yrs ago kicking and screaming.i didnt want to leave my outside world of busyness of working and my social life but now im connected to my inner world.its infinite! its priceless!! all i can say as i look back on it was quiet an experience unlike anything i have ever experienced before.i rode emotional roller-coaster for long time but now my emotions have stabilized.thank God LOL.
Quote:let your heart guide whispers so listen,land before time
p.s. was awake during the night again.when i dozed back off around 5am heard my higher self say "you are free now to go" guess that means im free to get back on the road again.been off road for few yrs and got little lazy,not really.until next time takecare much love and light.marylen


  1. Dear Marylen,
    Congratulations on the courage and not giving up! On love and life!
    In the last stages of healing process we may release through laughing (after many years of emotional releasing through crying!)
    "Mourners (those who are weeping), they shall be comforted (or ye shall laugh)"

  2. thank you for the kind words!! blessings marylen