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Sunday, May 31, 2009

simple life

Quote:laura ingalls wilder"im beginning to learn its the sweet simple things in life which are the real ones after all."
i was able to rid myself of the stresses of life by going back to simple life.i gave up almost everything to do it.lots of rest and time in nature and now finally im on my way to wellness.just waiting for the green lite from the universe to tell me its time to move forward downtime was so renewing.. it was a spiritual growth milestone. i dropped out of sight for a long time and i know my kids were worried about me . going thru-this process was a very humbling and mind blowing teach that the inner-world the most rewarding.there you connect with spirit and the universe. inner world infinite and outer world finite. now im attached to inner world and withdrew from so grateful for this process.never thought i could do it.the rough spots are over now and are fading fast from memory..lots of love and light!! marylen
other quote"man must go back to nature for information." thomas paine

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  1. Marylen, Thank you for your courage to not only go through your process, but to share it with others. You are making a difference! I too am on a spiritual growth journey looking for other light filled beings to connect with. Have you ever heard of a consciousness training called The Avatar Course? I feel that Spirit is urging me to share this with you at this time.

    The Avatar training teaches you how to stay connected with spirit while empowering yourself to create the reality you prefer in the outer, physical world. Basically, how to show up powerfully in both worlds to let your love and light shine in service to humanity. This may just be the green light from the universe you are waiting for! Check it out at If you would like to connect, email me at

    Love and Light to you and your journey!