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Sunday, November 1, 2009

simply be're loved beyond measure by the universe!

Quote:when a door opens walk the door has opened for a reason and you have been guided to it.Daily Om
i watch my dreams for symbols. couple nights ago i was have dream that i found a wasnt a newborn was older mabey 2yrs was dirty in the dream so i pick it up and hugged it and wash and cleaned it up.bright shiny new baby and i sat it in baby chair on the was so cute and clean.i was so proud of him.(guess it was a him)in the dream. i take it the dream meant i took my life and it was dirty and i cleaned it up and i was so proud of it after all my hard work.i get symbolic dream often and i go insane until i can figure them out.LOL
i seem to be a different person after my downtime of many yrs. i'm rising up a new person with honesty and integrity along with a new rewewed sense of self.i spent most of my life having no self esteem. i was doing self sabotage.took me many yrs to realize all this.i dropped all the self sabotage and illusions. . i surrendered. i have come along way from where i started.
im putting all this out there for others that are going through-same thing.
was it worth it? when i was going thru all those symptoms and the roller-coaster emotions i thought no not worth it.since most symptoms have passed im starting to see clearly and use my heart feeling center to do my thinking.yes it worth it now.i feel much better!!
whats the reward for for all this in my opinion? love frequency activation and love heals all.nature helps too!
i feel now that i have graduated to next rung of the ladder. when people tell me they going thru alot i always say: i feel for you been there done that.

just want to spend the rest of my life peace."there's a peace that surpasses all understanding". bible

Quote:I love the recklessness of faith 1st you leap then you grow wings.wm sloan coffin

dont forget to dance and smile everyday through-eyes of your heart...i do!!

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