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Thursday, April 30, 2009

love will take us thru-it

I like to connect with others that are waiting for for this transition to occur! im talking about transition of 2012...the 26thousand yr cycle.i cant wait,im all excited.will be a new era indeed!!
one can call it the next step on the ladder rung or next step in evolution. my body has went thru-so many changes past few years.i had to quit my job of 20yrs because of stress-anxiety .went into chronic fatigue.i know from all the blogs and ascension material i have read something bigger going on .
i feel like im being processed from the universe. my heart center opened up to much more feeling and that's a great gift from the creator...i feel ! i spent most of my life not giving much attention to feeling just never had time to so.

im understanding more about my life now.all i have been thru-im not a victim.this was a set-up from the universe to bring me to this point of understanding!! im seeing more clarity now than ever before.

I love to Quote:"its never safe to look into the future with eyes of fear"Edward h.Harriman
blessings! love and light! marylen