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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

"when the soul becomes divine it becomes a diamond.reflecting the divine light and forming an aura of delicate tint's around itself.such is the perfect human soul;the human soul aspires toward perfection"peter deunov

"the only source of knowledge is experience"albert einstein

people need to live from a place of simple joys.leave stress from a place of heart based thinking.i was one of those who always analyzed everything thing to to much from the outside world view point.then when i learnt to relax from not being able to do anything else because of c.fatigue syn.i started to look from a new perspective.from the inside heart based thinking.i discovered my own true feelings.when i grew up down south many yrs ago emotions weren't an my age now its a true joy to live thru-the heart and my connection to the universe."its an honor". just took me long time to realize all get out of my brain thinking and into my heart thinking.when i write these blog's its one big goose bump!! i do love writing as i have had many,many experiences!! thank you dear God as i have finally come to my sanity!! LOL

a part of us must die before another part can come to life.this is a natural and necessary..its painful,confusing and disorienting.these shifts thru-out our lives as humans.we must shed our old self to move up our spiritual ladder to our next level..the next step in evolution.
we must say goodbye to our bestfriend(ourselves).thats the hard part a part of yourself you have know all your life.(i used to cry all the time going thru-this part) order to take on a new spiritual identity we must let old self-go and step into who we really are our God selves. we will step into our big-shoes that have been sitting in the corner waiting for us to step into them.our etheric egg's are cracking and we're being transformed into our brand way of being.we're offspring of the most high..

it was such a struggle for me to get to this point.. as i look back all the painful growth and body symptoms i had to go thru-to get to this point.(as we all did)i was cuz-ing alot back then because of the pain LOL.its all starting to fade and alot and it's hard for me to recall but i did write it down for future reference.just in case.i did keep many,many journals thru-this transition.. . going up the next rung of the ladder.

i do honor my past now with love and has brought me to this realiztion in life and now i have the opportunity for rebirth and fresh new in gratitude!!

"sometimes we need to lose everything we have in order to find everything we are" pointsof

"the butterfly does not think like a caterpillar but the community of caterpillar's dont understand that". pointsof

keep love in your heart and many blessings!! love marylen