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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

"if you want the universe to send you a sign tell it that you are ready and willing to accept its guidance." Daily Om

"if i rest i rust" martin luther

I do walk in faith.i cant see faith but nevertheless its cant see gamma rays,microwaves,xray,radio waves and so on but they're there.

I left the outside whirl and waited years for the seed inside me to awaken and i feel like a new fledling ready to flap my little wings.along with millions of other that went and going through the same process.

psalm 91:11 I give my angels charge over thee to keep thee in all thy ways.king james bible

this is my new life now and i feel fulfilled in my heart-emotions.i spent 56yrs of my life living the material world.(the american dream).material things are short lived.. we come into this world with big V for void and we fill it with cars and houses lots clothes,boats and so on thinking that it will makes us happy.thank God thru-all my endeavors.. i finally came to my senses !!

we're suffering spiritually because happiness comes through the i got older i started pour over my life and make many changes..emotionally i feel wonderful.i feel like i have made it.was a tough climb but here i am.i use to say back in the 80's "i feel like i have climbed a mountain backward". LOL ( didnt know what a mountain of self was back then.just knew inside that was the way i felt.)

never realizing that there was a spiritual world and all i had to do to access it was to go within.there i feel no restrictions and or limitations.there's where freedom lies.the reason i put this stuff out there for other's.i felt hopeless for so long and now im coming into my own. this things i went thru-a process to get where im at getting goose-bumps talking straight from the heart.when you live thru-the heart of love you activate the love frequency (a feeling). im retired now but i promised God i would put this stuff out there for others.there goes the goose-bumps again LOL.

while i was down for almost 10yrs used my time constructively.have 4-5 thousand notes i have kept.someday will put it into a book.

i just want to add that i now listen to my own guidance system comes from spirit also my writing come through my experiences in life..might add i certainly have been thru-alot.there goes the goose bumps again LOL. i havent channeled any messages yet but hope to.last 10 yrs most spent on my own healing as i thought for sure i was going to my immune system went down because of the c.fatigue syn. but miraclously i made it back...stronger !!

want to Quote:White Eagle "say little,love much,judge no-one.give everything away and keep on keepin on".

also want to Quote:albert einstein"out of clutter,find simplicity from discord,find the middle of difficulty lies opportunity".

keep smiling and keep love in your marylen