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Sunday, June 13, 2010

"the quieter you become the more you can hear". Ram Das

"look within.the secret is inside".Hui-neg

not much going on these days in fact its really quiet.everything around me seems to be at standstill and im not sure if thats good or bad !! i have this morn been going thru-alot of notes that i have wrote since i have had this fatigue. i cannot believe all the deep(heart deep material)i have wrote.i spent most my life in carnal based thinking at the time.thought that was the way life was suppose to be...BOY was i wrong!! i was on my knee's at 56yrs and i couldn't get up.i was so broken from life's pitfalls and negative circumstances that i had no control

i left it all rid of everything and kept the bare minimum to live on.gave away most my clothes as they reminded me of my job i quit of 20yrs and most my furniture and i never looked back just kept truckin !!

to pursue something spiritual growth or should i say unfolding of the soul and im certainly not sorry i chose that im guided by my soul and ready for the next step in evolution.

i drive backward with devine guidance.i had this dream aleast 2 times about driving my car(vehicle) in one dream i thought you know if i turn my car around the right way i can go faster.takes much longer to get there driving backward. i think the dream means there's no short-cuts.just devine guidance and trusting without looking!! hooooooray figured that dream out.LOL

quote:vb brown "when you're reluctant to change,think of the beauty of autumn".

MY Quietude "ROCKS" lol

i feel i have grown so much in past few yrs.its truly a good feeling and i want to write you a poem i wrote several yrs kids probably laugh because i never had in poetry in me LOL
here goes:

poetry i wrote in 2006

My soul has set me free to be the person i was intended to be!

you are creative and rightly so.

you're impurties have been pounded out-anger-dishonesty-unloyalty.they have all been purged.

now you represent me,nice and shiny and renewed.

i now stand before god to claim my kingdom that was intended for me,because you see God has set me free to be the devine person i was intended to be.....

the void in my life has been filled with the beautiful ,awesome spirit of the kingdom !! the end

"your lantern must first be lit before you start swinging".

next week june 21st summer solstice mabey have more news by i said really quiet at the moment except for the all the daily catastrophe's in the news.all those news stories are heartbreaking and i sure can feel for all those people. God bless'em !!

keep love in your heart and keep smiling always love marylen