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Saturday, July 16, 2011

"the inhabitants of this earth do not find themselves at the same degree of evolution.the new wave will be felt by each one of us and this transformation will not only touch the earth but the ensemble of the entire cosmos". peter deunov 1944 prophecy

someone ask Buddha,what did you do before enlightenment? he replied "chop wood and carry water". what did you do after enlightenment? he replied "chop wood and carry water". to me this was so funny wanted to write it down LOL

i found some interesting things on about white buffalo!!
white symbolizes moving into higher frequency of light and consciousness.white buffalo is such a phenomenon because they're so rare!
to the native americans the birth of a white buffalo is a symbol of rebirth and world harmony! my God we sure could use some world harmony at the moment..seems this whole world in state of chaos!! in my opinion.

also found this page59 in barbara marciniak of light very interesting. earth magnetic field is becoming weaker;physical and mental structures are not held in place in the same way.when the magnetic field weaken,chaos occurs.

in a dream i had (very brief) 3-4weeks ago.i seen me getting back up out of bed.for the last 10yrs i kept a bed on sofa and bed in my bedroom going all the time as i rested alot.i felt deep within i had to stay in the restful position as i was always in the dream i seen me getting up and completely out of bed the final time to get back into life..i took a time out that lasted far longer than i ever anticipated.. that was quiet a process that i and im sure many others endured.i noticed getting back out in the world that communicating with people,its very different now.people are so touchy!they go off like a short fuse!! i guess going thru-this transition made us all alittle hypersensitive..the old way will never work now as we're in the heart-soul base thinking.
we attract people with the same frequency.. i think back over last 10yrs and said "God what did i just go through"? as i look back seems like a dream like state that is fading..we're all in the process of soul-expansion and i know from my prespective this was very difficult to get through but we made it !!!!!!!!

"put your ear down close to your soul and listen hard".anne sexton

i love to quote and i know i say that all the time but its true LOL

"too many people miss out on the silver lining because they're expecting gold".maurice selter

i say this all the time "going thru-this process of soul expansion caused me to be very humble and appreciative of life.nature seems so much more beautiful now than ever before..also very happy i got thru-this process in one piece..thought God was going to kill me by scrubbing me to death LOL

lots of love and many blessings too!! love marylen