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Thursday, February 3, 2011

course in miracles states:nothing real can be threatened,nothing unreal exists.herein lies the peace of god !!

"2012 and beyond we will be directed in life by the soul".soulworks2012

Quote: white eagle"each one of you has been called.every individual soul has work to do.none can do the work of another.each must do his own work.therefore,we say,accept it,my child.accept the task laid before you and pray to the great spirit that you may not fail".

i found this message on mike quinsey and the galactic federation:what's interesting is that you were your own ancestors.hence,it explains why some of you feel strong pull toward certain can affect your taste and preferences even today.
i believe this to be true as i have had dreams of so many different places in the past lives seem to be coming to the fore in this lifetime.i get so much info through dreams as im still crying this morn because of dream early this morn.a prohetic dream
im hoping this dream isn't real but way i felt emotionally im sure its very real..its about a good friends dog.she's one yr old now.will update this dream in the future now im still crying.........have bad headache from the we human's have to be so emotional?? LOL

these two quotes are from julie"ascension is really expansion,its expansion of self in all dimension's and direction' will live from the soul as a sovereign,divine being in human form". "your old auric field is literally being fried and requires a new structural architecture to enable you to benefit from the enhanced energies".

looks like 2012 changes coming in fast.making my head spin LOL.i read somewhere cant remember where that these are the "best of time and the worst of times".i think people will have diffulty in letting go of the old familiar ways of life and same way of doing relative's are like that they learnt the hard way thru-tough love. that was the way i was brought up and had to literally wipe the slate clean and undo all the learned behavior patterns.took me years but did manage to do it.feels wonderful too!! my relatives only knew what they we're taught and they passed it on down.i understand all that but i had to learn to make my own choices and decisions..some we're not very good ones but i have learnt from it.

"when you look out a different window,you have another view".heavenletters

want to write about article of a year ago feb2010 steve rother "now have fluctuating magnetic fields.this is part of what your feeling.its temporary situation probably last only few yrs but will mess alot of your electronics on earth.until you learn how to ground your equipment in different way" humans are very smart and im sure will learn quickly. on history channel says magnetic fields are flip-floping and getting ready to reverse..all this affects our nervous system.(causes us to have up and down emotions)like a sure without a doubt these magnetic fields affects earth and everything on it..

revelations 21:4 god shall wipe away all tears from their eyes and there shall be no more death.neither sorrow nor crying.neither shall be anymore pain.for the former things have passed away.

"through activation of the spiritual-heart that we pass into a whole new world of expansion and joy". owen waters

keep smiling and many blessings!! marylen