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Monday, November 23, 2009

I'm a child of the universe and loved beyond measure !! marylen

what im writing about today was taken from my note few weeks ago. here goes: i made a "Leap of faith" into the unknown this was early 2001..unsure of what i would encounter.i was so scared.. my whole body was tense with fear and i didnt know what to expect next. i was also use to an income wasnt alot but nevertheless it was an income and everything changed.
also use to going out with friends from work and had a nice social life at one time believe it or not and i was so scared to let go and float on the flow of the universe.
after my divorce had many relationships that didnt work out and i was carrying a whole load of should say hugh load of responsibility, rasing kids(younger ones) without child support and alot of my own unresolved emotional stuff. i just couldnt take it anymore i was in my 50's then and i surrendered to higher power! i let go and let God ! i wiped the slate clean..feel good about it all

im starting over again at 64yrs old.starting from scratch.gave most everything away as i felt i didnt need a bunch of stuff.all part of my emotional clearing.

i have cleared my emotional baggage and celluar memory and im starting to lose the weight i gained from going through all this emotional stuff.
my faith was strong and i just trusted in the process and let nature take it course and lots of walking in nature with lots of fresh the fragrance of those pine trees. they make me feel very alive and wonderful..

the message i received from higher guidance and higher wisdom"i'm out of the loop".

Quote: "all Glory comes from daring to begin". eugene f.ware

also want to Quote:charles darwin "it's not the strongest of the species that survive,nor the most intelligent,but the ones most responsive to change".

i probably wont be blogging until jan 2010 going to be busy thru-holidays with family..stay safe and keep on smiling with eyes of your heart..Happy Holidays and many blessings!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! love all of you......marylen

Sunday, November 1, 2009

simply be're loved beyond measure by the universe!

Quote:when a door opens walk the door has opened for a reason and you have been guided to it.Daily Om
i watch my dreams for symbols. couple nights ago i was have dream that i found a wasnt a newborn was older mabey 2yrs was dirty in the dream so i pick it up and hugged it and wash and cleaned it up.bright shiny new baby and i sat it in baby chair on the was so cute and clean.i was so proud of him.(guess it was a him)in the dream. i take it the dream meant i took my life and it was dirty and i cleaned it up and i was so proud of it after all my hard work.i get symbolic dream often and i go insane until i can figure them out.LOL
i seem to be a different person after my downtime of many yrs. i'm rising up a new person with honesty and integrity along with a new rewewed sense of self.i spent most of my life having no self esteem. i was doing self sabotage.took me many yrs to realize all this.i dropped all the self sabotage and illusions. . i surrendered. i have come along way from where i started.
im putting all this out there for others that are going through-same thing.
was it worth it? when i was going thru all those symptoms and the roller-coaster emotions i thought no not worth it.since most symptoms have passed im starting to see clearly and use my heart feeling center to do my thinking.yes it worth it now.i feel much better!!
whats the reward for for all this in my opinion? love frequency activation and love heals all.nature helps too!
i feel now that i have graduated to next rung of the ladder. when people tell me they going thru alot i always say: i feel for you been there done that.

just want to spend the rest of my life peace."there's a peace that surpasses all understanding". bible

Quote:I love the recklessness of faith 1st you leap then you grow wings.wm sloan coffin

dont forget to dance and smile everyday through-eyes of your heart...i do!!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Child like faith believe with your heart !

this blog taken from my notes of 6am this morn
this has really been hard for me to keep a low profile and give up my social life as a social butterfly withdraw from the outside world.i really had no life.went back to the basics and very simple life.
took me about 59yrs to make the trip from my head to my heart thinking and im so glad now i made the trip LOL.i have had 8yrs of downtime and its afforded my much spiritual growth. i wouldn't have been able to do it in the outside world with all the chaos and total busyness.i was so busy didnt know if i was coming or going.
my life now has taken on different meaning.i have more child like awe! i find almost everything amazingly funny.i watch america funniest video's sometimes and i sit there just cracking up.i laugh so hard last night i was crying.LOL
all the sweet little thing make me happy especially being out in nature. Quote:man must go back to nature for information.thomas paine(this probably my favorite quote 2nd time i have wrote it on here.)
i went into this downtime 8yrs ago kicking and screaming.i didnt want to leave my outside world of busyness of working and my social life but now im connected to my inner world.its infinite! its priceless!! all i can say as i look back on it was quiet an experience unlike anything i have ever experienced before.i rode emotional roller-coaster for long time but now my emotions have stabilized.thank God LOL.
Quote:let your heart guide whispers so listen,land before time
p.s. was awake during the night again.when i dozed back off around 5am heard my higher self say "you are free now to go" guess that means im free to get back on the road again.been off road for few yrs and got little lazy,not really.until next time takecare much love and light.marylen

Thursday, July 30, 2009

my cosmic process finally over only took about 10yrs

Quote:Just when the caterpillar thought the world was over he became a"Butterfly".anonymous
in a dream couple days ago showed me that my process i went thru- with all the ascension symptoms are over..took forever it seems the dream or nightmare which ever you want to call it.i was at get-together with friends and i left looking for freeway to get back home when i hit the freeway ramp(it was in a circle)to fast and i went flying over it into the abyss and i seen nothing and next thing i felt was sensation of peace. i take it the dream was symbolic.meant my old self was gone and there was peace.spiritual freedom...i have cried and cried since that dream of couple days ago.i cried so much because that long process of being sick with symptoms and chronic fatigue and irritable bowel syn.dizzyness and at times very severe.finally will let my butterfly wings dry! i need much needed rest as i had insomnia the whole just going to bask in nothingness and just be for next few months and let the universe carry me...i already had 2careers in my life and working for the universe past few yrs makes it 3 and im very tired...sending everyone love and light..marylen
Quote: another quote LOL "the worst loneliness is not to be comfortable with yourself".mark twain

Sunday, July 5, 2009

were all in the same boat we just have different paddles!

i havent been blogging lately and nothing really going on.its quiet except for my pc froze and crashed yesterday on 4th of july.that was little upsetting! just have felt out of sorts lately as they say.i guess it's part of the ascension process. i have learned to just take it a day at time and that seems to work well for me.i spent most my life living and planning for the future. now im happy just looking up at the star's and walking in nature and also watching little animals at play.i have learned alot from nature. animals just pure energy.they just do what what they do look for food.they're content.
i have learned to listen to my heart and inner voice of God and follow my inner for me. until next time takecare and many blessings!!
if you seek happiness look inside your heart for answers. works everytime.marylen

Sunday, May 31, 2009

simple life

Quote:laura ingalls wilder"im beginning to learn its the sweet simple things in life which are the real ones after all."
i was able to rid myself of the stresses of life by going back to simple life.i gave up almost everything to do it.lots of rest and time in nature and now finally im on my way to wellness.just waiting for the green lite from the universe to tell me its time to move forward downtime was so renewing.. it was a spiritual growth milestone. i dropped out of sight for a long time and i know my kids were worried about me . going thru-this process was a very humbling and mind blowing teach that the inner-world the most rewarding.there you connect with spirit and the universe. inner world infinite and outer world finite. now im attached to inner world and withdrew from so grateful for this process.never thought i could do it.the rough spots are over now and are fading fast from memory..lots of love and light!! marylen
other quote"man must go back to nature for information." thomas paine

Thursday, May 14, 2009

im patiently still waiting

i have been idle now for 8yrs and trusting that my life has a higher purpose.i feel im being called by the universe to go thru-this idle time process. there's been times i have been little more than ticked off...waiting for this process to end but im still there.i know from what i have been through that my nervous system has been took real strength to get thru-that process.that process wasn't for the faint of heart thats for sure.i feel this year will be spiritual freedom because i seen it in a dream...many just like me that are waiting also seen it also in the same dream.
i have lived here almost 8yrs in my own little apartment,sanctuary and have devoted my time to writing in my journals and also doing alot of reading.lots of pc work too.
one thing for sure first time in my life i ever had time to myself.i did give up my social life and just about all my friends to be fully present in my inner world connection to source.
i do know i have a greater purpose in life just took all this time for me to be processed im sure!!

Quote:carl jung"your vision will become clear only when you look into your heart"

Thursday, April 30, 2009

love will take us thru-it

I like to connect with others that are waiting for for this transition to occur! im talking about transition of 2012...the 26thousand yr cycle.i cant wait,im all excited.will be a new era indeed!!
one can call it the next step on the ladder rung or next step in evolution. my body has went thru-so many changes past few years.i had to quit my job of 20yrs because of stress-anxiety .went into chronic fatigue.i know from all the blogs and ascension material i have read something bigger going on .
i feel like im being processed from the universe. my heart center opened up to much more feeling and that's a great gift from the creator...i feel ! i spent most of my life not giving much attention to feeling just never had time to so.

im understanding more about my life now.all i have been thru-im not a victim.this was a set-up from the universe to bring me to this point of understanding!! im seeing more clarity now than ever before.

I love to Quote:"its never safe to look into the future with eyes of fear"Edward h.Harriman
blessings! love and light! marylen