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Monday, November 8, 2010

"all the doors that lead inward to the sacred peace of the most high are doors outwards-out of self.out of smallness.out of wrong".George mcDonald

Cosmic wisdom is encoded in your DNA and cells !!

Go Cosmic and get out of your own way so spirit can flow easily and effortlessly.spirit will do all the work if you rid yourselfof all emotional stuff from the past,spirit will do the rest."do your best and leave the rest to God".took me long time but have learn to just be! im content now after all those years of just spinning my tires and going nowhere fast.(there's a peace of God that surpasses all understanding) finally found that peace and loving it LOL.

its all the sweet,simple things in life that makes life worthwhile.I try to keep my head from the outside world of illusion and keep it on the inside world. there where all the magic lies.its our connection to the most high.all the meaning of life lies in the inside world and thru-our clean slate of emotions.i spent so many yrs felt like i was up against a dark wall and couldn't find the was a dark time in my sure i could label it the "dark night of the soul" seems so appropriate to call it that.i use to ask all the time "God what am i going thru-kept getting same answer"cleansing".that took many yrs.... i told my sister"i have been processed".lol

what im getting at all this increases our frequency and when we do that(i know it takes yrs) but nothing happens in a minute.when we change our frequency everything changes.nothing can remain the same one we increase of frequency.our thought patterns change.i have become so hper-sensitive that everything effects me now on a deep level.....when we change our frequency all our stuff(houses,clothes,cars,boats,electric devices) are not going to matter anymore.this is how humans define themselves by the stuff they own.those things will be of no impotance anymore.

i simplified my life and so much nicer and stressfree(almost)LOL

earth's changing therefore humans are too! we must respect and honor earth therefore our lives will be much sweeter and less complicated.i look forward with all my heart to the shift into 2012.will be wonderful time to be on earth !!

creating a tide of change that will lead us to our next shoreline.anytime we can begin anew!!

what to update:been practing the "filter method" from steve rother theory and its seems to help alot.i surround myself with the filter each morn when i get up..helps alot with the anxiety.

this last blog until after the holidays.thanksgiving around the corner and then xmas so will be busy for awhile. want to wish everyone Happy Holidays and see you jan2011 until then keep smiling and many blessings too!! love marylen

Friday, October 1, 2010

"in every painful situation is concealed a deeper good and within every disaster is contained the Seed of Grace".eckhart tolle

"you're never wrong when something feels right(its your intuition)".

last week i rec'd another my nervous system and it lite me up like a Neon Flashing Sign.i wasnt sure i could keep on getting these downloads as they are so intense.this download threw my emotions out into space so to speak.i cried and i couldnt sleep kept waking up with intense anxiety and caused my irritable bowel to go into searching for answers on all these shifts and changes myself. what i have come up with from all i've read and using my intuition.. this is the Great purification spoken by the hopi indians and also the the end times earth will have birth pains.(the bible)

"solitude is the place of purification".martin burber

i have been going through this cleasing process since about yr.2000 its still not getting any easier for me.although i still try to remain in quiet mode and surrender to it.seems easier that way.(i told God i want to rewrite my pre-life contract because i wrote it way to hard) but guess there's no going back now only forward.a song keeps coming to mind by alison krauss"been to the mountain left my tracks in the snow and i've taken the pain no girl should in endure".

"as the soul ceases to be"self-regarding"in its activities,it becomes "God-regarding".edward leen

i rec'd sept2010 channeling from steve rother and im going to keep practicing light grounding to help me with these intense downloads into my nervous system.says"Envision that you have a filter around you to protect you from the magnetic shifting".the ground is shifting beneath your feet.magnetic radiation will hit humans emotionally when a solar flare erupts.CME (coronal mass ejection)every 12yrs the sun goes through another cycle(sun is helping earth to change).i thought this article was very informative and im going to keep practicing with the filter theory !!

when you heal earth you heal yourself !!

our main reason for being on earth at this time is to help earth raise its vibration and in the process we raise our own.i know going through all these changes along with earth i have become Hypersensitive.very unlike me usually just the opposite.i put this stuff out there for others.i wish i would have known way back what i was going became a maze and i had great difficulty trying to find my way but i have made it finally.i do like writing its a form of creative expression for me and hopefully help others with it !!

"the reason why many are still troubled-still seeking-still making little forward progress is because they haven't come to the end of themselves.we're still trying to give order's and interferring with God's work within us".aiden wilson 1897-1963

enough writing for today!! keep smiling and many blessings!! love marylen

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

"people are starving all over the world but this country is starving spiritually".mother theresa

I never cease to be amazed at the myriad ways you speak to me,words from a book,lyrics of a song.a note from a friend,the rustle of the wind blown leaves on the lawn.renaissance unity

if we listen to our own inner guidance system it will lead the way for us because it comes from a higher order.just trust it. its not things and stuff that makes us human's happy its our deepest emotions that are connected to the most high.I appreciate all life's wonder's. all the little things are important to me.

my inner shaman(healing)wants to come out.i spent number of yrs.emptying myself of old worn out thought patterns and shedding my old-skin like a snake.then life can turn and renew itself. just trust the process!!

"you're inner-self is your soul,the part of you which lives forever.the part of you that's always there to help,guide and protect you.within the inner soul burn's the flame which connects you to the entire cosmos of creation".owen waters

aug2010 in the middle of the night i could hear intense buzzing in my ear's.was really loud ! it was a download into my nervous system causing my neck to be sore,also caused high emotion and anxiety.when i get this it lasts for days i went into a fog and i have trouble concentrating.i ran around for several days with this anxiety mode and in middle of the for many night this anxiety just would'nt go away.i know i have to decipher these emotions but haven't foot-hole on them.i do have inner peace within but these episode's just floor me because i cant as of yet figure them out.still working on that. i was always a person of high-energy and enthusiam but going through this process to carry more light has in a good-way caused me to be low-key and quiet.(which not like me)LOL.

"you have to hush the heart and bid all your senses be still before you can attuned to receive heaven's music".daily meditation

"God brings men into deep waters not to drown them,but to cleanse them".aughey

"if you make friends with yourself,you'll never have to be alone".maxwell maltz

not alot to write about lately.its been quiet all through the holiday just passed.i do my best to stay away from stressful situations out there in the world.i cannot take stress in my life anymore or anxiety.i do alot of reading and try to absorp all i read..and do my best to stay in a quiet non-drama mode. i havent had any collective dreams lately,will put them out there as soon as i do!!!

keep smiling and keep love in your heart !! love marylen

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

"if you want the universe to send you a sign tell it that you are ready and willing to accept its guidance." Daily Om

"if i rest i rust" martin luther

I do walk in faith.i cant see faith but nevertheless its cant see gamma rays,microwaves,xray,radio waves and so on but they're there.

I left the outside whirl and waited years for the seed inside me to awaken and i feel like a new fledling ready to flap my little wings.along with millions of other that went and going through the same process.

psalm 91:11 I give my angels charge over thee to keep thee in all thy ways.king james bible

this is my new life now and i feel fulfilled in my heart-emotions.i spent 56yrs of my life living the material world.(the american dream).material things are short lived.. we come into this world with big V for void and we fill it with cars and houses lots clothes,boats and so on thinking that it will makes us happy.thank God thru-all my endeavors.. i finally came to my senses !!

we're suffering spiritually because happiness comes through the i got older i started pour over my life and make many changes..emotionally i feel wonderful.i feel like i have made it.was a tough climb but here i am.i use to say back in the 80's "i feel like i have climbed a mountain backward". LOL ( didnt know what a mountain of self was back then.just knew inside that was the way i felt.)

never realizing that there was a spiritual world and all i had to do to access it was to go within.there i feel no restrictions and or limitations.there's where freedom lies.the reason i put this stuff out there for other's.i felt hopeless for so long and now im coming into my own. this things i went thru-a process to get where im at getting goose-bumps talking straight from the heart.when you live thru-the heart of love you activate the love frequency (a feeling). im retired now but i promised God i would put this stuff out there for others.there goes the goose-bumps again LOL.

while i was down for almost 10yrs used my time constructively.have 4-5 thousand notes i have kept.someday will put it into a book.

i just want to add that i now listen to my own guidance system comes from spirit also my writing come through my experiences in life..might add i certainly have been thru-alot.there goes the goose bumps again LOL. i havent channeled any messages yet but hope to.last 10 yrs most spent on my own healing as i thought for sure i was going to my immune system went down because of the c.fatigue syn. but miraclously i made it back...stronger !!

want to Quote:White Eagle "say little,love much,judge no-one.give everything away and keep on keepin on".

also want to Quote:albert einstein"out of clutter,find simplicity from discord,find the middle of difficulty lies opportunity".

keep smiling and keep love in your marylen

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Thru-solitary seeking and introspection,will come inner meaning !!

"true intelligence operates silently.stillness is where creativity and solutions to problems are found".eckhart tolle

one of my emails from yesterday says:UPDATE:Solar eclipse complete.earthquakes will follow..Earth changes media

solar eclipse came and went didnt notice any differnce except alittle inner nervousness but guess only time will tell.

i do watch the skies for signs of end times like it says in bible (prophecies of armageddon will seem to be coming to fulfillment)mike quinsey

Im looking forward to 2012 where we drop the old ways of doing things and we rise up into higher dimension,where love will prevail "so above so below".

i believe the end times mean end of the 3rd dimension consciousness way of thinking.we will be going into higher consciousness or full consciousness(means more God like)

i get alot of info from dreams which i have many dream journals and some the dreams are a collective means all> one dream about a year ago showed me that masses of people were waiting on 3-lane highway in their vehicles and they were all merging into one lane..was like a road block they were waiting to go..this was a collective dream they were waiting for the spiritual green lite...spritual freedom. the dream was so awesome!!

this is a dream from early this morn and i wrote it down right away so i dont forget it.(july15-10)this is a collective dream from the masses: i seen alot of vehicles on the road and some were off to the side of the road broke vehicle was trying to get his car started over and over he and vehicle represent mankind)his body just wouldnt start and another car had his wheels turn to get over on the shoulder of the road.this dream represents the next wave of the masses and i was following in my vehicle behind trying to direct and help repair their vehicle.i have been dreaming in symbols for quiet some time now.i feel i need to put this stuff out there because its about others as body or vehicle started stalling about yr.2000 and by 2001 i felt like it no longer start.i had to leave the outsie world and go within but that what its all about anyway.our connection to source !!

i believe 2012 will usher in spirtual freedom and the old ways will fall-away. new ways of thinking and acting will prevail.

life's short and precious and i dont want to waste any of it and going to spend rest of my life doing what i enjoy.spent most my life working and living in stress.never knew there was any other way... now i know finally !!

only thing i desire from this day forward is a simple life rooted firmly in nature. this my Quote:

also believe if your honest with yourself you are honest with the world !!

i believe walking in nature is my direct connection with God !!

i believe best things in life are free like a good cup of coffee and a good friendship.who could ask for anything quote

i believe its in my best interest to stay in rapport with source.there i find much guidance and love !!

enough writing for today keep smiling and keep love in your heart...!! love marylen

Sunday, June 13, 2010

"the quieter you become the more you can hear". Ram Das

"look within.the secret is inside".Hui-neg

not much going on these days in fact its really quiet.everything around me seems to be at standstill and im not sure if thats good or bad !! i have this morn been going thru-alot of notes that i have wrote since i have had this fatigue. i cannot believe all the deep(heart deep material)i have wrote.i spent most my life in carnal based thinking at the time.thought that was the way life was suppose to be...BOY was i wrong!! i was on my knee's at 56yrs and i couldn't get up.i was so broken from life's pitfalls and negative circumstances that i had no control

i left it all rid of everything and kept the bare minimum to live on.gave away most my clothes as they reminded me of my job i quit of 20yrs and most my furniture and i never looked back just kept truckin !!

to pursue something spiritual growth or should i say unfolding of the soul and im certainly not sorry i chose that im guided by my soul and ready for the next step in evolution.

i drive backward with devine guidance.i had this dream aleast 2 times about driving my car(vehicle) in one dream i thought you know if i turn my car around the right way i can go faster.takes much longer to get there driving backward. i think the dream means there's no short-cuts.just devine guidance and trusting without looking!! hooooooray figured that dream out.LOL

quote:vb brown "when you're reluctant to change,think of the beauty of autumn".

MY Quietude "ROCKS" lol

i feel i have grown so much in past few yrs.its truly a good feeling and i want to write you a poem i wrote several yrs kids probably laugh because i never had in poetry in me LOL
here goes:

poetry i wrote in 2006

My soul has set me free to be the person i was intended to be!

you are creative and rightly so.

you're impurties have been pounded out-anger-dishonesty-unloyalty.they have all been purged.

now you represent me,nice and shiny and renewed.

i now stand before god to claim my kingdom that was intended for me,because you see God has set me free to be the devine person i was intended to be.....

the void in my life has been filled with the beautiful ,awesome spirit of the kingdom !! the end

"your lantern must first be lit before you start swinging".

next week june 21st summer solstice mabey have more news by i said really quiet at the moment except for the all the daily catastrophe's in the news.all those news stories are heartbreaking and i sure can feel for all those people. God bless'em !!

keep love in your heart and keep smiling always love marylen

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

everything on this earth matters! if it didnt matter we wouldnt be here !!

im getting the mindset of 2012 peace for our planet no more more people fighting people in everyday life.a mindset of peace and calm for the planet.if everyone would become peaceful then war would not exist..

this earth deserves so much more respect than she gets.i walk at the park by my house almost everyday and i cant believe how much trash that people just throw around and there's trash receptacles all around. the park's free and the guys that work there doing maintenance have to go around cleaning up after people.humanity needs to get in alignment with nature and the cosmo's start accepting responsibility and accountability for their own being and stop shifting the blame to others.we must honor earth and ourselves to rise up and be who we truly are Devine children of the most high.....

we are all being awakened to collectively to raise up the planets vibration.our etheric egg that surrounds us getting ready to pop. start crackin open and we all will be little fledlings(young and inexperieced) we will be flapping of tiny little wings LOL.we are ending the old and new beginnings simultaneously.its like anxiety and exhilaration.relief the old worn out ways are ending and excited,anticipation of the new beginnings..

we must all trust our inner child like faith and believe with you heart and trust our inner guidance system steer us in the direction we need to go.

quote:Ralph waldo Emerson"were very near to greatness one step and were safe.can we not take the leap".

my c.fatigue syn.alot,i mean alot better now only been close to ten the symptoms are fading fast and i feel so much better now and my life has more meaning.i spent many-many yrs in the wilderness(figure of speech) but i did learn so more than i ever knew possible.i learn where my heart really's not about cant buy happiness because happiness come thru-the heart.we humans are emotional beings.the wilderness taught me to be humble and to have attitude of grateful each day for something.each night before bed i count my 65yrs and i made it this far very grateful for that!!

I belive experiences in life will turn into wisdom later in life.

"strange as it may seem to you there exists a mystic power thats able to transform your life so thoroughly so radically so completely that when the process is completed your own friends would hardly recognize you".Dr.emmet fox

thank you guys for listening today.many blessings!! love marylen

Sunday, May 2, 2010

For all those years you have protected the seed.its time to become the beautiful flower ! stephen c.paul

Time to blossom ! whole lot of eggs are going to start crackin. its time to stand up and be what we all came here to be! time to shine our divine light!

magical awakening can arise out of you.let go of the illusions and unfulfilled dreams and all the drama of life and focus on nature and all its beauty.just be content in the simple life and do what you can and leave the rest to God!

all these earth changes causing the human race alot of anxiety.i have been having alot trouble sleeping at night because of the anxiety.feels alot like stress. i try to stay inside alot but guess watch to much news LOL.each day i get up out bed i think what next? seems like each new day another catastrophe it all plays on my nerves.i do my best to stay grounded in nature.helps me matter how much i try to give up the outside world still have connections to it. "hope is the parent of faith".cyrus a.bartol

"what lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us".Ralph waldo Emerson

right now I open myself to new perspective on my life.i have gone as far as i can with my old thinking and ready and willing to embrace my soul's next step in evolution.i shall travel the path that spirit illuminates before me.

"where there's Great Love there are always miracles".willa cather

keep a smile on your face and a song in your heart.blessings marylen

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Quote:wm.ernest henley "I am the master of my fate:I am the captain of my soul".

i am a pilgrim on a spiritual journey.renaissance unity.

i felt back in 2001 that i was pregnant with new life-not in a physical sense.i even gain weight especially around my stomach area just like in real pregnancy ! talk to several people with fibromyalgia and they said same thing happen to them.

i was pregnant in a spiritual sense this process took almost i feel like im getting ready to give birth to a new life or a new creativity.

our planet getting ready to give birth..a new cycles starts dec.2012. we be miraclous to be reborn into a brand new way of being.we will have a higher calling we will listen to our own higher guidance system. life will turn and renew itself.all humanity will have to take responsibility and accountability for own actions.

the earth and all her inhabitants will celebrate anew life a new way of thinking and acting.letting go of the past and all of its negavity.we all are here to hold light and love and healing for our beloved planet called mother earth.she is so awesomely waiting patiently for the egg to crack !!!

earth is having birth pains simply watch the sky for signs.(bible)

jesus called the being"born anew"which means giving birth to the spiritual self of you.this requires placing yourself in alignment with the christ of your being so that you can take directions from a "higher source".as you do so,you discover that you can rely on inner-dependence and your life begin's a process of transformation.....Ron Scott

I make a conscious decision to live from the perfect self that lives within me...renaissance unity

just want to say im finally getting use to my new pc.still alot to learn as each pc alittle different.anyway so delighted to be back in the internet action (fun) LOL

takecare and keep your light burning bright !! love marylen

Sunday, April 11, 2010

All i can say "whole lot shaking going on,"

I'm finally back on internet from what seems like a nightmare.i had dail-up internet for almost 11yrs and the company did away with it and i had to go to high speed internet.which means you have to have special modem kit which was suppose to be mailed to me thru-UPS that was never ordered. guess the girl that took the order forgot to submit it.must be mercury retrograde starting early LOL. so i spent countless hours with waiting mostly on hold.each assistant telling me different story one saying you'll rec' the part on the day of installation. Nota.never rec'd. called again another tech.agent saying dont see that part was ever ordered.called again and again LOL.finally went and bought my own part and it cost me 80.00 which the company suppose to send me gift card for the reinburse me.then i had to set up and another pc system which not to difficult except it dosent work like my old pc.had alittle bit of difficulty with that.

this whole ordeal with pc and high speed internet just stressed me out to the max. last night first night slept well in long time. so

anyway back on line "thank you God".

most people and family and friends couldn't son says he's not pc my point is if im to get back on line once again going to have to do this myself. guess what:

im amazed that i was able to put it all together and hook up to internet myself. never knew had this in me.LOL

anyway want to say im still alive and back on line.such a good feeling!!

love and light and many blessing too!! love marylen

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Honor your adversities for out of them will come light !

i found these notes this morn that i wrote back in feb.2004 and i had forgot about writing them. reading it after several yrs. brought tears to my eyes !

here goes: God lift me up. I have been down way to long.I have learned alot along my spiritual path. you taught me so well ! I had to be broken by you so that i would be able to see the light shine brighter into all area's of my life. I know now that spiritual process developes over time.its a mountain that we all must climb to the top.then we are graced with your goodness.the top of a mountain same as a bridge in my view.the bridge put's us at a distance from our past-that's it no longer important only that we have learn from it and use it as examples. the bridge also important for contemplating our future.the latter house house is grater than the former house.we are the head not the tail. the bible
my life has been a struggle but also have been blessed and i wouldn't trade my life for rich within spirit.

I will walk in faith and confess the word with my mouth.I will listen with (not my head) but with my heart.I will use compassion and discard judgements and criticism's. I will do mental housecleaning and discard what's old and no longer work's in my life.i will not manipulate or be around any manipulater's.
I choose joy and happiness to be my mindset for the remainder of my life here on earth !!

Quote:wm.a.ward "adversity causes some men to break; others to break records."

Quote:helen keller"keep your face to the sun and you'll never see your shadow".

Quote:marianne williamson "were not done until God ring's the bell".

wish me luck im going to be installing another pc its not new but much newer than this one.this pc freezes and crashes alot and im just tired of dealing with it.i probably wont be blogging for 2-3 weeks until everything back in order!

love and light and many blessings too! marylen

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Quote: margaret fuller "If you have knowledge let others light their candle in it".

I found this small article in a magazine from 2001
i was browsing through recently.It makes so much sense .give thanks with thanksgiving.we all have so much to be thankful for-so much in our lives we just take for one signed this little article its by goes:

"counting your blessings.if you have food in the refrigerator, clothes on your back, a roof over head and a place to are richer than seventy-five percent of the world.
if you have money in the bank or in your wallet and spare change in a dish are among the top eight percent of the worlds wealthy.
if you woke up this morning with more health than are more blessed than the million that will not survive this week.
if you never experienced the danger of battle,the lonliness of imprisonment.the agony of torture or the pangs of are ahead of 500million people in the world.
if you attend a church meeting or spiritual gathering without fear of harassment,arrest,torture or are more blessed than 3 billion people in the world.
if your parents are still alive and still are very rare,even in the united states.
if you read this message you are more blessed than over 2 billion people in the world who cannot read at all.
if you hold someone's hand,hug them or even touch them on the are blessed because you can offer a healing touch.
if you hold up your head with a smile on your face and are truly are blessed because the majority can,but most do not.
now go forth and share your blessing with rest of the planet"...........anonymous

Quote: " Gratitude is the heart's memory" french proverb

with all the chaos and unpredictability of the planet at the moment we all need to stop a moment and just be thankful and grateful for all the goodness in our lives !!

proverbs 3:5 "lean not unto thine own understanding but trust in the lord with all thine heart".

Quote:"you cant stop the waves but you can learn to surf". unknown

love and light and many blessings to all of you ! marylen

Monday, February 15, 2010

the best thing you can give yourself is your time!!

watch a funny movie!i watched this past weekend O'Brother where art thou. i had seen it several times before but i laugh myself silly everytime i see it.i mean its one of those belly laugh' my age i love simple things in life like a single rose.its the thought behind it that to laugh like a childish
i enjoy all the sweet and simple things like life's innocent pleasures..nature one of lifes simple pleasures,watch the little animals at play. "nature is our teacher".

my 7yr old grandaughter say to me "gramma how come i always have to give you kissssssssssses".LOL

life is like ice cream better enjoy it before it melts.

what im getting at : 2012 fast approaching.. there's many changes headed our way for the planet and all inhabitants... best thing to do stay in state of calm"the Lull".
we all need to accept the changes without question.just surrender to it.i did !

we all have a resvoir of inner strength.if we just keep life real simple and childish as possible we can get through all the changes easily and effortlessly.

i most likely will be writing most on this topic of 2012 because it ushers in a new beginning the old will be gone forever and we all be the "new human". hooooooray!!!

spiritual growth comes from within!! always trust your higher guidance and wisdom. I DO !!when i go up this morn i heard"the universe is fine tuning me to be a receiver".i think thats awesome!!!!!!!!!!

Quote:dan millman "always remember the real treasure is within".

You cant change the world but you can change how you look at the world.
keep light and love in your heart and many blessings ! marylen

Monday, January 25, 2010

that which you seek already within you!! (not sure where i found this quote !)

i.m still reeling from those 2 last eclipses.they shook me to my core.i was so dizzy and nauseous and this lasted few sister called me to tell me she felt funny and had to lay down.i know im very sensitive to the goings on in the cosmo's.from what i have been reading eclipses are electromagnetic shifts and affects everything on earth even the earthquake in Haiti.all our hearts around the world opened up to those people.all the out pouring compassion and assistance from around the world came pouring in.... pronto!!

next 3yrs going to be unpredictable with all the earth changes.was a show on history channel how the earth was made that says,the earth goes into a wobble every 20thousand yrs or so and the earth leans on its axis. that causes all kinds of earth changes now taking place....Hold onto your Hats.LOL earth and all her inhabitants have to adapt to all the new changes.

im actually wondering if what i have been going through with this c.fatigue syn.tired all the time is the LULL thats talk about in the bible.its suppose to come before the awakening. 2012 starts a new cycle.hope i will be awake by then lol.

also want to quote 1 corinthians 15:51-52 behold i shew you a shall not all sleep but you shall be changed in a moment in a twinkling of an eye at the last trump for the trumpet shall sound and the dead shall raise and we shall all be changed.

also want to tell you what i heard from higher guidance and higher wisdom yesterday morn.sunday am when i was just waking up..."lend an ear to the voice of your heart". listen intently...thats all i heard upon waking...i guess i better pay more attention to dreams and waking state of being..

Quote:mark twain "always do right it will satisfy some people and astonish the rest".

love and light to all of you and many blessings too!! marylen

Quote:Buddha"if we could see the miracle of a single flower clearly, our whole life would change".

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Happy New Year everyone!!

I have been basking in quietude after the holiday chaos.just been (a sigh of relief)everything back to normal.the phone hasn't even be ringing since christmas thats a major plus.always get alot of telemarketer calls mabey they're taking a long derserved rest LOL.
so i dont have awhole lot to blog about lately.still alittle tired from my chronic fatigue syn. admit i'm doing alot better each day that i can get thats peaceful and quiet and stress free, thats a real major,major plus.since i dont work anymore thats where all my stress and anxiety was coming my life mostly stress-free because i returned to the simple life.have my life as simplified as possible. even in the bible states that one should live simple.i finally heeded the message LOL. simple works for me.

like to add a few Quotes as that what i love to do!! i find so much meaning in quotes.

this quote is mine!! the truth is sweet and simple!!

"listen to your dreams.they're the whispers of your heart telling you all you'll ever need to be happy". belva davis

"Gods my counselor". the bible book of Galations

"when you've lost everything you have what's left is everything you never had".flash cards on pointsof

psalm 119:105 "thy lord is a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path".

"those who cannot learn from the past are condemned to repeat it".george santayana

enough quotes for today but i have many-many more LOL. love and light to all of you!! takecare marylen