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Monday, February 15, 2010

the best thing you can give yourself is your time!!

watch a funny movie!i watched this past weekend O'Brother where art thou. i had seen it several times before but i laugh myself silly everytime i see it.i mean its one of those belly laugh' my age i love simple things in life like a single rose.its the thought behind it that to laugh like a childish
i enjoy all the sweet and simple things like life's innocent pleasures..nature one of lifes simple pleasures,watch the little animals at play. "nature is our teacher".

my 7yr old grandaughter say to me "gramma how come i always have to give you kissssssssssses".LOL

life is like ice cream better enjoy it before it melts.

what im getting at : 2012 fast approaching.. there's many changes headed our way for the planet and all inhabitants... best thing to do stay in state of calm"the Lull".
we all need to accept the changes without question.just surrender to it.i did !

we all have a resvoir of inner strength.if we just keep life real simple and childish as possible we can get through all the changes easily and effortlessly.

i most likely will be writing most on this topic of 2012 because it ushers in a new beginning the old will be gone forever and we all be the "new human". hooooooray!!!

spiritual growth comes from within!! always trust your higher guidance and wisdom. I DO !!when i go up this morn i heard"the universe is fine tuning me to be a receiver".i think thats awesome!!!!!!!!!!

Quote:dan millman "always remember the real treasure is within".

You cant change the world but you can change how you look at the world.
keep light and love in your heart and many blessings ! marylen


  1. Marylen, there are no new cycles starting after the 2012 time period. Most people do not understand what is about to take place here.

    The 2012 time period signifies "the completion of creation", when all of the different energies from all of the different shifts from the 9 Underworlds and the 13 Heavens and all of the 7 Day cycles of the Mayan Calendar (schedule) come to a completion of creation.

    It is over - finished - no more cycles of time - zero point - time as we have come to know and understand it is going to be no more.

    Time is collapsing in on itself, a convergence of all of the timelines from the last 16.4 Billion years are coming together to a time of no time.

    No more cycles of TIME. Everyone needs to wrap their heads around this. There is no TIME to deal with in 5D.

    That is the reason everyone is suppose to be getting in a very good mood, practicing for their bliss, learning how to live in the 'right now' - because you cannot be a manifestor co-creating in unity with others in 5D if you don't!

    You cannot be a manifestor in a 3D lower vibrating heavy density like we are living now, because the veil is still intact while we are still processing the last remnants of our Karma, which is all of the unresolved FEELINGS that were repressed and stuffed and blocked over millennia. It's not time to get too comfortable, the real work has not even begun. Just get your rest.

    The 2012 time period is about one thing and one thing only - the transformation of consciousness - you do it from the chair you are sitting in - though thought projection - you don't have to go anywhere to do it.

    The 2012 time period is about the liberation from the wheels (cycles) of Karma. No more cycles to go around and around with - game over - it's big news certainly.

    Most people have absolutely no clue in the world as to what is about to take place on planet earth like never before.

    Everyone is going to learn the truth about all of the lies that your life actually is - before we evolve out of this mess. That is one of the first things on the list to learn.

    As the saying goes, you have to intimately know the lie, before you can intimately know the truth. Understanding that our lives are a total and complete lie from hell on wheels and this will be known, before anyone is going to be ascending, it's just not a pretty picture what has been done to humankind.

    We definitely need help from our galactic brothers and sisters, otherwise, everyone can kiss their asses goodbye.

    Ascension is a right brain in operation - all of your structured disciplines and responsibilities everyone was indoctrinated with and have become used to - are going out the door! - They won't work where we are going. You have to drop all of your old belief systems to make the leap in consciousness. Yes - exciting times indeed.

    Everyone needs to learn how to come together with themselves, in order to be able to come together with each other - mankind has been divided to be conquered and right now it's just not happening to the scale and level it needs to happen, so all of Gods children can ascend to a better world beyond our wildest imagination. Peace!

  2. the completion of creation sounds wonderful to me!!now im more excited about 2012 thank you for sending this blog to me.marylen