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Saturday, May 14, 2011

"we are the one's we've been waiting for".Hopi nation

"bluestar signal's the beginning of a time of great purification".the Hopi

"new wobble of the spinning one-thousand mile per hour right in a wobble somthing to worry about?no,its something to celebrate! we each have a unique signature just as earth does"..steve rother/the group

the more i read,im starting to feel good about the end of this cycle.i read on another website that the sun is neutralizing the radiation that coming into the planet.that's very good news..also read we're now in the process of adjusting to higher frequencies of electromagnetic light current's..we human's have come along way thru-all ups and downs and weather changes and whatever the universe slings at us and we have made it thru-all the turmoil.were here,we made it and now our etheric egg starting to crack and i know without a doubt we will be a butterfly!!

luke:21:25 there shall be signs in the sun and in the moon and in the stars and upon the earth distress of nations with perplexity.the sea and waves roaring..king james bible

God brought us to these changes and he'll bring us thru-it..without a scratch,i'm sure !!

our soul's journey upward:if we live through our heart brain we vibrate higher energy.our deep love for the universe radiates compassion for all life form's.we're all here to help each other our brothers and sisters of this planet.when i talk to people about all the changes happening all over,about ascension and raising our vibration,alot say Yea,right..i try to spread the word as to what we're going thru-as i went thru-it myself..i found out alot of people going through ascension symptoms but dont understand what's happening therefore they dont say anything as they think they'll be judge as off-their-rocker LOL
few years back at my daughter's college grad.i was talking to few of her guy friends about these thing just discussed and one the guys said:What Have You Been Drinking!!LOL oh well !! to each their own perspective...cant pressure people.they must learn for themselves.experience the best teacher.. "when the student is ready the teacher will appear".

i myself feel totally intergrated and emerged with the new energies and im ready to take my one foot out and stand in the new world.. i have said since the 1980's i feel like i walk in 2 ready to just walk in the new and let the old fall away!!

sorry took me so long to write a blog..i just have been so busy lately..i dogsit for neigbor and baysit for my daughter and then there was mother's day!! to much for me as im starting to make my way back to middle-of the road energy..spent most my life being hyper and last 10yrs at snail's pace but now its happy medium.. i see with more clarity now than ever before..all these things i'm so that heart based thinking..

many blessing!! love marylen