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Thursday, November 3, 2011

"As people are walking all the time,in the same spot.a path appears". Luxun

"the collective vibration is now beginning to take and hold your own power".s.rother

A new day is dawning!the era we lived through called the dark-ages now completing itself and a new cycle for our planet and all that lives on her....begins!!

11-11-11 right around the corner. from what i read we will know where we're suppose to go next.i read that we will have uplifting in consciousness.we have done the work and its completion time........yahooooooooo !! im sure after 11-11-11 we will have some exciting me it means walking through two giant white pillars into a higher vibration.its our next step in evolution..cant wait,i have worked so hard to get to this point..everyday of my life i keep saying God im so tired,God tired of listening to that same old phrase.LOL anyway im sure we will have some nice surprises from the universe.the mayan calander ended according to on oct28-11 so now we must expect the unexpected!! we're at completion and guess that means we must stand on our on two feet..that will be fun ! lol

my quote since i love to quote.i do have few quotes of my own.."cant stay on the roost have to fly eventually".


I went through-death like the caterpillar only to later emerge as a beautiful winged moth"the Butterfly".

i want to write about a dream i had recently because i feel its a collective dream (means all).i was so shook-up when i woke up because it seem so was moving at a high-rate of abruptly as it started it stopped.we,a few people in the house didnt know what was and a guy(not sure who he was)starting crawling on the floor toward each hang-on to each other so we wouldnt fall off.all the people in the house we're dressed in white shorts and white tee-shirt.i say that means its a spiritual dream. after few minutes(seem like hours) the fast movement felt like one of those amusement park rides goes around and around so fast that one dont know which end is up. we we're all so scared in the dream.there's no earth shaking in the dream just going around fast..i dont know if this mean the magnetic poles being realigned and balanced and us with it...not sure.all i can say this was an eye-opening dream..mabey its a premonition but all i can say Hang onto your hats and get ready for a wild ride!! i get goose-bumps writing this dream.its comes from my inner core..wanted to share this dream as i feel it has much-importance..

i havent been blogging much lately just been in a stalemate mood not sure if has anything to do with all the changing energies out there or sure it will pass soon..

i wish us all good luck on 11-11-11 those numbers cause a tingle of excitement in me for some reason...

takecare! the holiday coming up soon so i wont be back blogging until jan2012 (awe!! that has a ring to it)
want to wish everyone Happy Holidays!!!!!!!!!! many blessing marylen

Saturday, September 17, 2011

native american quotes:"when the earth is sick,the animals will begin to disappear.when that happens.the warriors of the rainbow will save them."chief seattle

"one does not sell the land people walk on".crazy horse

"after ascension process a person can live 150yrs or longer if they choose".aluna joy yaxkin

in the past several yrs.i have kept alot of notes,so i will remember all the things i went through.with my fatigue being so bad i couldn't do very much except write notes and walk in nature,but it was a time of contemplation for me.a time to reconnect with self as i did much soul-searching..i was looking for many answer's.i spent most of my time pretty-much in isolation or should i say being a hermit as my sister calls me.i have found back through my notes alot of poetry.i never knew how to write poetry in my life but past few yrs i truly lived from my heart based thinking!! so here a small sample of one of my writings:

I have discovered the Divine Gold came with a price bought and paid for by life's hard work.
what seems mudane is shaping and proding the divine gold within.
we all have to bend and be molded.strife and structure,it all goes into the clay.
then comes the pain,struggles,stinkin attitudes goes into the clay as well.
all blended and blended and over time...Volaire!!
we're polished and shiny creatures of the most high.
Our Gold shines through!!!

"dont do what your taught to what you love to do".david foster

i have really been feeling lousy lately.i have developed tenditis in my shoulder and and bottom of my left much soreness in back of my neck and mid-back as well.i feel like a mess.probably something to do with so many solar-storms hitting this planet...enough already !!

one more quote and im signing off for now."if you cant find christmas in your cant find it under the tree".

many blessings love marylen

Sunday, August 21, 2011

"the truth is within dont have to join anything or follow anyone to find it.its the same with God." also "change always leads to something exceptions."

"you're the caterpillar about to become more than you already are"

i found in my notes interesting paragraph from deepak chopra book spontaneous filfullment of desire. In our time here on earth the individual-soul wont be filfilled unless it complete's its mythical quest which we can think of as the grand plan around which our destiny's are organized.every human being there's an overaching theme a template for heroic living a God or Goddess in embryo that yearns to be born.thats who we were meant to be.out of that is born love and compassion.out of that comes fulfillment and completion.

i havent blogged in system's revved up lately.having bad headache's im sure its because of the solar storm.all the CME's coming toward earth.its affects my nervous system and causes me to be highly tempermental.are we ever going to get relief from these CME's ? i havent been able to do anything lately because i feel like a neon flashing lite and sleeping at night well thats awake half the night every night.

"watch the will be having birth pains".the bible
seems change is upon us.

i read someplace recently that the Great Purification started in oct2007 and will end oct2014.for me it started around 1999-2000 timeline. mabey the second wave started in 2007 but for many of us we started the cleansing process way before that.

"this cycle of destruction and creation has happened before and its about to happen again". also each of us has a different path which we are to find our own !!

we are all going thru-a snake like process of shedding our old skin-so we can have a brand-new rebirth!!

we just have to let-go and trust the process.i go with my inner guidance system..let-go of the struggle and go with the flow..

"inside myself is a place where i live all alone and thats where you renew your spring that never dry's up".pearl s.buck

stay in love and kindness!! many blessings marylen

Saturday, July 16, 2011

"the inhabitants of this earth do not find themselves at the same degree of evolution.the new wave will be felt by each one of us and this transformation will not only touch the earth but the ensemble of the entire cosmos". peter deunov 1944 prophecy

someone ask Buddha,what did you do before enlightenment? he replied "chop wood and carry water". what did you do after enlightenment? he replied "chop wood and carry water". to me this was so funny wanted to write it down LOL

i found some interesting things on about white buffalo!!
white symbolizes moving into higher frequency of light and consciousness.white buffalo is such a phenomenon because they're so rare!
to the native americans the birth of a white buffalo is a symbol of rebirth and world harmony! my God we sure could use some world harmony at the moment..seems this whole world in state of chaos!! in my opinion.

also found this page59 in barbara marciniak of light very interesting. earth magnetic field is becoming weaker;physical and mental structures are not held in place in the same way.when the magnetic field weaken,chaos occurs.

in a dream i had (very brief) 3-4weeks ago.i seen me getting back up out of bed.for the last 10yrs i kept a bed on sofa and bed in my bedroom going all the time as i rested alot.i felt deep within i had to stay in the restful position as i was always in the dream i seen me getting up and completely out of bed the final time to get back into life..i took a time out that lasted far longer than i ever anticipated.. that was quiet a process that i and im sure many others endured.i noticed getting back out in the world that communicating with people,its very different now.people are so touchy!they go off like a short fuse!! i guess going thru-this transition made us all alittle hypersensitive..the old way will never work now as we're in the heart-soul base thinking.
we attract people with the same frequency.. i think back over last 10yrs and said "God what did i just go through"? as i look back seems like a dream like state that is fading..we're all in the process of soul-expansion and i know from my prespective this was very difficult to get through but we made it !!!!!!!!

"put your ear down close to your soul and listen hard".anne sexton

i love to quote and i know i say that all the time but its true LOL

"too many people miss out on the silver lining because they're expecting gold".maurice selter

i say this all the time "going thru-this process of soul expansion caused me to be very humble and appreciative of life.nature seems so much more beautiful now than ever before..also very happy i got thru-this process in one piece..thought God was going to kill me by scrubbing me to death LOL

lots of love and many blessings too!! love marylen

Sunday, June 12, 2011

"we must be willing to get rid of the life we've planned so as to have the life that is awaiting us.the old skin has to be shed before the new one is to come".joseph campbell

"carlos barrios,from the eagle clan of the maya of guatemala.shares in regard to 2012:the world will not will be transformed.everything will change.change is accelerating now and it will continue to accelerate.if the people of the earth can get to this 2012 date in good shape without having destroyed to much of the earth we will rise to a new higher level.

i'm looking thru-my notes of many yrs to get a topic i like to write about or should say what im passionate about and i didnt find a topic but my pen just seem to take-off on its own.what im passionate about about is spiritual comes from can't get it from a church its already within you!! it comes from connecting to your inner source and not the outside world.i spent 56yrs of my life feeling empty inside like something was missing and i kept searching for fulfillment to fill up my void. i did do all things that i wanted to do,like have nice car and nice house and i always love to dress nice.i worked at big chain so i always had nice clothes for less.all that back then was very important to me but something was still missing.getting those goose bumps again writing this.LOL i did leave the outside world (i just step off into the unknown)i must have have inner-guidance to do this..i was scared to death and thought i lost my mind LOL.

i went to my inside world(all the magic lies there). my sister called me a hermit but i dont regret it at all now.i no longer have the emptyness and the void.its all more emotional now.back then my daughter said i had no feelings and now im hypersensitive. going thru-all this was a big transition for me because i had to leave my entire 56yrs of who i was "behind".was a big wake-up call for me.i left my friends and most of my family behind to enter "quietude".after a decade it finally cleasing process complete.i thought God was going to scrub me to death..LOL

i read someplace that it takes 12.8yrs to complete the process that i and so many others went through but its all worth it in the end.we have spiritual freedom.....AWE sigh of relief..

"the 4th world shall end soon and the 5th world will begin.this the elders everywhere know.the signs over many years have been fulfilled and so few are left".hopi prophecy

i was reading mike quinsey/salusa from sirius and i was awe-struck by what i was reading in an awesome way!!
you will have a number of new concepts to get use to in due course.bear in mind that in your new bodies you will not experience the frailties you do on earth and if ever in need of healingwill receive sound,light and color.therefore,medicine and drugs that are used now will have no place or be necessary.

always be in gratitude and love!! many blessing..marylen

Saturday, May 14, 2011

"we are the one's we've been waiting for".Hopi nation

"bluestar signal's the beginning of a time of great purification".the Hopi

"new wobble of the spinning one-thousand mile per hour right in a wobble somthing to worry about?no,its something to celebrate! we each have a unique signature just as earth does"..steve rother/the group

the more i read,im starting to feel good about the end of this cycle.i read on another website that the sun is neutralizing the radiation that coming into the planet.that's very good news..also read we're now in the process of adjusting to higher frequencies of electromagnetic light current's..we human's have come along way thru-all ups and downs and weather changes and whatever the universe slings at us and we have made it thru-all the turmoil.were here,we made it and now our etheric egg starting to crack and i know without a doubt we will be a butterfly!!

luke:21:25 there shall be signs in the sun and in the moon and in the stars and upon the earth distress of nations with perplexity.the sea and waves roaring..king james bible

God brought us to these changes and he'll bring us thru-it..without a scratch,i'm sure !!

our soul's journey upward:if we live through our heart brain we vibrate higher energy.our deep love for the universe radiates compassion for all life form's.we're all here to help each other our brothers and sisters of this planet.when i talk to people about all the changes happening all over,about ascension and raising our vibration,alot say Yea,right..i try to spread the word as to what we're going thru-as i went thru-it myself..i found out alot of people going through ascension symptoms but dont understand what's happening therefore they dont say anything as they think they'll be judge as off-their-rocker LOL
few years back at my daughter's college grad.i was talking to few of her guy friends about these thing just discussed and one the guys said:What Have You Been Drinking!!LOL oh well !! to each their own perspective...cant pressure people.they must learn for themselves.experience the best teacher.. "when the student is ready the teacher will appear".

i myself feel totally intergrated and emerged with the new energies and im ready to take my one foot out and stand in the new world.. i have said since the 1980's i feel like i walk in 2 ready to just walk in the new and let the old fall away!!

sorry took me so long to write a blog..i just have been so busy lately..i dogsit for neigbor and baysit for my daughter and then there was mother's day!! to much for me as im starting to make my way back to middle-of the road energy..spent most my life being hyper and last 10yrs at snail's pace but now its happy medium.. i see with more clarity now than ever before..all these things i'm so that heart based thinking..

many blessing!! love marylen

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

"when the soul becomes divine it becomes a diamond.reflecting the divine light and forming an aura of delicate tint's around itself.such is the perfect human soul;the human soul aspires toward perfection"peter deunov

"the only source of knowledge is experience"albert einstein

people need to live from a place of simple joys.leave stress from a place of heart based thinking.i was one of those who always analyzed everything thing to to much from the outside world view point.then when i learnt to relax from not being able to do anything else because of c.fatigue syn.i started to look from a new perspective.from the inside heart based thinking.i discovered my own true feelings.when i grew up down south many yrs ago emotions weren't an my age now its a true joy to live thru-the heart and my connection to the universe."its an honor". just took me long time to realize all get out of my brain thinking and into my heart thinking.when i write these blog's its one big goose bump!! i do love writing as i have had many,many experiences!! thank you dear God as i have finally come to my sanity!! LOL

a part of us must die before another part can come to life.this is a natural and necessary..its painful,confusing and disorienting.these shifts thru-out our lives as humans.we must shed our old self to move up our spiritual ladder to our next level..the next step in evolution.
we must say goodbye to our bestfriend(ourselves).thats the hard part a part of yourself you have know all your life.(i used to cry all the time going thru-this part) order to take on a new spiritual identity we must let old self-go and step into who we really are our God selves. we will step into our big-shoes that have been sitting in the corner waiting for us to step into them.our etheric egg's are cracking and we're being transformed into our brand way of being.we're offspring of the most high..

it was such a struggle for me to get to this point.. as i look back all the painful growth and body symptoms i had to go thru-to get to this point.(as we all did)i was cuz-ing alot back then because of the pain LOL.its all starting to fade and alot and it's hard for me to recall but i did write it down for future reference.just in case.i did keep many,many journals thru-this transition.. . going up the next rung of the ladder.

i do honor my past now with love and has brought me to this realiztion in life and now i have the opportunity for rebirth and fresh new in gratitude!!

"sometimes we need to lose everything we have in order to find everything we are" pointsof

"the butterfly does not think like a caterpillar but the community of caterpillar's dont understand that". pointsof

keep love in your heart and many blessings!! love marylen

Saturday, March 5, 2011

"all nature is acting if it we're one organism.even people feel different during various seasons and some people get depressed in winter and fall in love in springtime.biochemically certain changes in your body corresponds to the movement of our planet.all of nature is a symphony and we're part of it".Deepak Chopra

simplicity is a keynote of my kingdom.choose simple things always. love and reverence .the humble and the simple.have only simple things here.your standards must never be the world's standards!! daily devotional

we're going into a bumpy-ride for next few in said in my last post "this is the best of times and this is the worst of times".i feel the middle-east after all said and done will beome the peacemakers of the world.

endings and new beginnings simultaneously.before we get to the new beginning we go thru-a void.there anew creativity is born.there on a spiritual level we connect to all life.. i know as i went thru it.we will realize that we're much more then we ever thought !!

love frequency being activated one person at a time.i see so much more compassion in the world than ever'll be flooded with feelings of love..this is the unfolding of the soul...finally.(took eon's to emerge)

"the human race will unify as a single and galactic sound transmissions will inundate the planetary field.a current charging both poles will race across the skies connecting the polar auroras in a single brillant flash".jose arguelles

"self-trust is the first secret of sucess".ralph waldo emerson

i have really been out of sorts lately.i been planning on writing this
blog since last week. i having foggy-thinking.havent had this in several yrs.also having alot of headaches and shooting pains in my left thinking this is from solar-flares(cme).im trying to stay calm and hopefully they'll disappear!! solar activity is know to affect the central nervous system and human consciousness,thats probably what's causing my anxiety especially middle of the highly sensitive to all the elements out there.

luke 8:17 for nothing is secret,that shall not be made manifest:neither anything hid,that shall not be made known and come aboard...king james bible

"dont judge each-day by the harvest you reap,but by the seed's you plant".
robert louis stevenson

think i have wrote enough for today..keep smiling and many blessings!! love marylen

Thursday, February 3, 2011

course in miracles states:nothing real can be threatened,nothing unreal exists.herein lies the peace of god !!

"2012 and beyond we will be directed in life by the soul".soulworks2012

Quote: white eagle"each one of you has been called.every individual soul has work to do.none can do the work of another.each must do his own work.therefore,we say,accept it,my child.accept the task laid before you and pray to the great spirit that you may not fail".

i found this message on mike quinsey and the galactic federation:what's interesting is that you were your own ancestors.hence,it explains why some of you feel strong pull toward certain can affect your taste and preferences even today.
i believe this to be true as i have had dreams of so many different places in the past lives seem to be coming to the fore in this lifetime.i get so much info through dreams as im still crying this morn because of dream early this morn.a prohetic dream
im hoping this dream isn't real but way i felt emotionally im sure its very real..its about a good friends dog.she's one yr old now.will update this dream in the future now im still crying.........have bad headache from the we human's have to be so emotional?? LOL

these two quotes are from julie"ascension is really expansion,its expansion of self in all dimension's and direction' will live from the soul as a sovereign,divine being in human form". "your old auric field is literally being fried and requires a new structural architecture to enable you to benefit from the enhanced energies".

looks like 2012 changes coming in fast.making my head spin LOL.i read somewhere cant remember where that these are the "best of time and the worst of times".i think people will have diffulty in letting go of the old familiar ways of life and same way of doing relative's are like that they learnt the hard way thru-tough love. that was the way i was brought up and had to literally wipe the slate clean and undo all the learned behavior patterns.took me years but did manage to do it.feels wonderful too!! my relatives only knew what they we're taught and they passed it on down.i understand all that but i had to learn to make my own choices and decisions..some we're not very good ones but i have learnt from it.

"when you look out a different window,you have another view".heavenletters

want to write about article of a year ago feb2010 steve rother "now have fluctuating magnetic fields.this is part of what your feeling.its temporary situation probably last only few yrs but will mess alot of your electronics on earth.until you learn how to ground your equipment in different way" humans are very smart and im sure will learn quickly. on history channel says magnetic fields are flip-floping and getting ready to reverse..all this affects our nervous system.(causes us to have up and down emotions)like a sure without a doubt these magnetic fields affects earth and everything on it..

revelations 21:4 god shall wipe away all tears from their eyes and there shall be no more death.neither sorrow nor crying.neither shall be anymore pain.for the former things have passed away.

"through activation of the spiritual-heart that we pass into a whole new world of expansion and joy". owen waters

keep smiling and many blessings!! marylen

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

"an awakening is the discovery and liberation of our true identity"aruna byers newsletter

"You're learning to trust. TRUST:to rely upon spirit totally".

spirit is never to late....before ye call i have answered.

these are things i have felt in my downtime and usure at the time what was took me years of reading and exploring to figure out what i was going through:i dont feel like myself.i feel different.sometimes i feel all alone like God has abandoned me.i felt like no one cared.sometimes i just dont understand other people.they're so insensitive.sometimes i felt betrayed and lost and no goal's on the agenda..i would cry for no reason. all this had a reason but didnt truly understand at the time.these we're inner workings and clearing's and i was being transformed !!

"welcome to transformation" we're not who we think we are..i had to just let go and trust the process!! on the path of spiritual awakening things are not always as they seem.

in 2001 i just stepped off into the unknown.i was scared to death but i knew life couldn't go on the way it was.i was at a crossroads and unsure which way to go.i felt i had completed what i had come here to do.i had a fullness from the material world and it was inner timeclock saying its time for inner world,so i closed my eyes and just trusted that i would grow wings as i stepped into the i am today writing about all the inner changes that took place and im learning to smile and dance again..LOL today i have much wisdom from my experiences and my heart's full and overflowing with love of self and love for all life.

what's close to my heart in sharing my happiness is like a buffet of joy!!

"get out your own way and stay there". so spirit can do the guiding..

was reading a newsletter from james tyberonn here goes few sentences which thought was interesting!! next 2yrs. 2011-2012 the love of power will begin to be displaced by the power of love.its already in motion.the transformation occurs on heart at a time inside each of you".jan2011

here's one my favorite verses in the bible. 1corinthians 15:51-52 i show you a mystery "we shall all be changed in a moment in a twinkling of an eye".

i know something big is on the horizon because i can feel the excitment of it..thank God i have learned to feel again LOL.. we're going back to full consciousness (more God like) 2012-2013 will be the line of demarcation.a new cycle of life(heart based)will commence..

"the universe is one vast symbol of God".thomas carlyle

"rise to a new,higher level but to get there we must transform in a different way.material structures will change from this we will have the opportunity to be more human".

want to say Happy New Year everyone!! hope 2011 be be less bumpy than last few yrs. a buffet of love to all of you..marylen