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Saturday, September 17, 2011

native american quotes:"when the earth is sick,the animals will begin to disappear.when that happens.the warriors of the rainbow will save them."chief seattle

"one does not sell the land people walk on".crazy horse

"after ascension process a person can live 150yrs or longer if they choose".aluna joy yaxkin

in the past several yrs.i have kept alot of notes,so i will remember all the things i went through.with my fatigue being so bad i couldn't do very much except write notes and walk in nature,but it was a time of contemplation for me.a time to reconnect with self as i did much soul-searching..i was looking for many answer's.i spent most of my time pretty-much in isolation or should i say being a hermit as my sister calls me.i have found back through my notes alot of poetry.i never knew how to write poetry in my life but past few yrs i truly lived from my heart based thinking!! so here a small sample of one of my writings:

I have discovered the Divine Gold came with a price bought and paid for by life's hard work.
what seems mudane is shaping and proding the divine gold within.
we all have to bend and be molded.strife and structure,it all goes into the clay.
then comes the pain,struggles,stinkin attitudes goes into the clay as well.
all blended and blended and over time...Volaire!!
we're polished and shiny creatures of the most high.
Our Gold shines through!!!

"dont do what your taught to what you love to do".david foster

i have really been feeling lousy lately.i have developed tenditis in my shoulder and and bottom of my left much soreness in back of my neck and mid-back as well.i feel like a mess.probably something to do with so many solar-storms hitting this planet...enough already !!

one more quote and im signing off for now."if you cant find christmas in your cant find it under the tree".

many blessings love marylen