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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Thru-solitary seeking and introspection,will come inner meaning !!

"true intelligence operates silently.stillness is where creativity and solutions to problems are found".eckhart tolle

one of my emails from yesterday says:UPDATE:Solar eclipse complete.earthquakes will follow..Earth changes media

solar eclipse came and went didnt notice any differnce except alittle inner nervousness but guess only time will tell.

i do watch the skies for signs of end times like it says in bible (prophecies of armageddon will seem to be coming to fulfillment)mike quinsey

Im looking forward to 2012 where we drop the old ways of doing things and we rise up into higher dimension,where love will prevail "so above so below".

i believe the end times mean end of the 3rd dimension consciousness way of thinking.we will be going into higher consciousness or full consciousness(means more God like)

i get alot of info from dreams which i have many dream journals and some the dreams are a collective means all> one dream about a year ago showed me that masses of people were waiting on 3-lane highway in their vehicles and they were all merging into one lane..was like a road block they were waiting to go..this was a collective dream they were waiting for the spiritual green lite...spritual freedom. the dream was so awesome!!

this is a dream from early this morn and i wrote it down right away so i dont forget it.(july15-10)this is a collective dream from the masses: i seen alot of vehicles on the road and some were off to the side of the road broke vehicle was trying to get his car started over and over he and vehicle represent mankind)his body just wouldnt start and another car had his wheels turn to get over on the shoulder of the road.this dream represents the next wave of the masses and i was following in my vehicle behind trying to direct and help repair their vehicle.i have been dreaming in symbols for quiet some time now.i feel i need to put this stuff out there because its about others as body or vehicle started stalling about yr.2000 and by 2001 i felt like it no longer start.i had to leave the outsie world and go within but that what its all about anyway.our connection to source !!

i believe 2012 will usher in spirtual freedom and the old ways will fall-away. new ways of thinking and acting will prevail.

life's short and precious and i dont want to waste any of it and going to spend rest of my life doing what i enjoy.spent most my life working and living in stress.never knew there was any other way... now i know finally !!

only thing i desire from this day forward is a simple life rooted firmly in nature. this my Quote:

also believe if your honest with yourself you are honest with the world !!

i believe walking in nature is my direct connection with God !!

i believe best things in life are free like a good cup of coffee and a good friendship.who could ask for anything quote

i believe its in my best interest to stay in rapport with source.there i find much guidance and love !!

enough writing for today keep smiling and keep love in your heart...!! love marylen