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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

"you're a book of secrets waiting to be opened".deepak chopra

its very quiet in my world at the moment and i havent had much to write about lately..i know lots going-on in outside world.. i hear the news daily..lots of planet movement stuff also,so im just trying to "just be".

i found this quote today as i was going thru-some notes: "illness can be a new lease on life.all you have to do is look deep down inside to get the answer"

also was going thru-some books i bought back in the 90's and it said the bible's old energy and the predictions will not happen but according to king james version of the bible ecclesiates 3:15 says"that which has been is now and that which is to be has already been and god requireth that which is past.(means history repeats itself)everything old is a new cycle of life..according to the im not sure we cannot discount the bible as old energy in my opinion..

also found some notes of the past from  a book called the family of light by barbara marcinaik and this paragragh makes so much sense to me."you're a biological mechanism designed with impeccability and are being upgraded at warp speed by the great electromagnetic and cosmic  waves imprint you with knowledge from the zodiac belt.the library that houses the ancestral records in this realm of existence."

earth's being hit with so many changes and seems like all at once..these cosmic waves of energy and CME's and all the earth changes and our bodies,Dna and nervous system upgrades and heart palpations...alittle overwhelming to say the wonder we're all alittle moody LOL.

one more quote and i have to go take dog out.."our new bodies.the physical sun's working like crazy.this will activate us as well.people will get chest tightness  during solar flares but solar flares actually clean us out and raise up our brings everything to the surface thats not light.this is why we have nightmares or have old issues that come up because we need to finish cleaning the body's old memory."aluna joy yaxkin

all this stuff i have been studying for long-long time and its really starting to make good sense..only bad thing ..i still dont have much energy and dont know if that's going to change..having no energy does keep me calm and most part peaceful..i do get alittle irritated at times,like everyone else..

see you after the summer solstice..happy summer!! many blessing!! marylen