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Friday, October 1, 2010

"in every painful situation is concealed a deeper good and within every disaster is contained the Seed of Grace".eckhart tolle

"you're never wrong when something feels right(its your intuition)".

last week i rec'd another my nervous system and it lite me up like a Neon Flashing Sign.i wasnt sure i could keep on getting these downloads as they are so intense.this download threw my emotions out into space so to speak.i cried and i couldnt sleep kept waking up with intense anxiety and caused my irritable bowel to go into searching for answers on all these shifts and changes myself. what i have come up with from all i've read and using my intuition.. this is the Great purification spoken by the hopi indians and also the the end times earth will have birth pains.(the bible)

"solitude is the place of purification".martin burber

i have been going through this cleasing process since about yr.2000 its still not getting any easier for me.although i still try to remain in quiet mode and surrender to it.seems easier that way.(i told God i want to rewrite my pre-life contract because i wrote it way to hard) but guess there's no going back now only forward.a song keeps coming to mind by alison krauss"been to the mountain left my tracks in the snow and i've taken the pain no girl should in endure".

"as the soul ceases to be"self-regarding"in its activities,it becomes "God-regarding".edward leen

i rec'd sept2010 channeling from steve rother and im going to keep practicing light grounding to help me with these intense downloads into my nervous system.says"Envision that you have a filter around you to protect you from the magnetic shifting".the ground is shifting beneath your feet.magnetic radiation will hit humans emotionally when a solar flare erupts.CME (coronal mass ejection)every 12yrs the sun goes through another cycle(sun is helping earth to change).i thought this article was very informative and im going to keep practicing with the filter theory !!

when you heal earth you heal yourself !!

our main reason for being on earth at this time is to help earth raise its vibration and in the process we raise our own.i know going through all these changes along with earth i have become Hypersensitive.very unlike me usually just the opposite.i put this stuff out there for others.i wish i would have known way back what i was going became a maze and i had great difficulty trying to find my way but i have made it finally.i do like writing its a form of creative expression for me and hopefully help others with it !!

"the reason why many are still troubled-still seeking-still making little forward progress is because they haven't come to the end of themselves.we're still trying to give order's and interferring with God's work within us".aiden wilson 1897-1963

enough writing for today!! keep smiling and many blessings!! love marylen