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Sunday, August 21, 2011

"the truth is within dont have to join anything or follow anyone to find it.its the same with God." also "change always leads to something exceptions."

"you're the caterpillar about to become more than you already are"

i found in my notes interesting paragraph from deepak chopra book spontaneous filfullment of desire. In our time here on earth the individual-soul wont be filfilled unless it complete's its mythical quest which we can think of as the grand plan around which our destiny's are organized.every human being there's an overaching theme a template for heroic living a God or Goddess in embryo that yearns to be born.thats who we were meant to be.out of that is born love and compassion.out of that comes fulfillment and completion.

i havent blogged in system's revved up lately.having bad headache's im sure its because of the solar storm.all the CME's coming toward earth.its affects my nervous system and causes me to be highly tempermental.are we ever going to get relief from these CME's ? i havent been able to do anything lately because i feel like a neon flashing lite and sleeping at night well thats awake half the night every night.

"watch the will be having birth pains".the bible
seems change is upon us.

i read someplace recently that the Great Purification started in oct2007 and will end oct2014.for me it started around 1999-2000 timeline. mabey the second wave started in 2007 but for many of us we started the cleansing process way before that.

"this cycle of destruction and creation has happened before and its about to happen again". also each of us has a different path which we are to find our own !!

we are all going thru-a snake like process of shedding our old skin-so we can have a brand-new rebirth!!

we just have to let-go and trust the process.i go with my inner guidance system..let-go of the struggle and go with the flow..

"inside myself is a place where i live all alone and thats where you renew your spring that never dry's up".pearl s.buck

stay in love and kindness!! many blessings marylen