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Monday, February 15, 2010

the best thing you can give yourself is your time!!

watch a funny movie!i watched this past weekend O'Brother where art thou. i had seen it several times before but i laugh myself silly everytime i see it.i mean its one of those belly laugh' my age i love simple things in life like a single rose.its the thought behind it that to laugh like a childish
i enjoy all the sweet and simple things like life's innocent pleasures..nature one of lifes simple pleasures,watch the little animals at play. "nature is our teacher".

my 7yr old grandaughter say to me "gramma how come i always have to give you kissssssssssses".LOL

life is like ice cream better enjoy it before it melts.

what im getting at : 2012 fast approaching.. there's many changes headed our way for the planet and all inhabitants... best thing to do stay in state of calm"the Lull".
we all need to accept the changes without question.just surrender to it.i did !

we all have a resvoir of inner strength.if we just keep life real simple and childish as possible we can get through all the changes easily and effortlessly.

i most likely will be writing most on this topic of 2012 because it ushers in a new beginning the old will be gone forever and we all be the "new human". hooooooray!!!

spiritual growth comes from within!! always trust your higher guidance and wisdom. I DO !!when i go up this morn i heard"the universe is fine tuning me to be a receiver".i think thats awesome!!!!!!!!!!

Quote:dan millman "always remember the real treasure is within".

You cant change the world but you can change how you look at the world.
keep light and love in your heart and many blessings ! marylen