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Sunday, August 25, 2013

"contentment is the only real wealth".alfred nobel

hi everyone
been longtime since i blogged on here. alot has happened since last dec2012..had some health issues.getting over pneumonia.i coughed for three months.felt like a lump in back of my left sure it was a blood vessel.had a through eye exam but doc.didnt say anything. month later it popped and pressure was released and eye was blood so much better.

plus i takecare of  two's a puppy belongs to my daughter and he's a handful lol. havent had much time to say the least.

im certainly happy the dec.2012 went by so easily.i was alittle nervous. 4 blood moons starting april 2014 and ending on oct.2015 thats making me nervous also.

the reason im writing on here to say i want be blogging on here anymore.i have started a new blog.. check it out  called butterfly wings are dry!!

"if it sounds like writing i rewrite it"elmore leonard

takecare marylen

Thursday, December 6, 2012

"Behold a sacred voice is calling you.all over the sky a sacred voice is calling you".Black Elk

this is continuation from my last blog :my sister and i are back from down south reunion,was a touching(emotional) reunion with our cousins..all the aunt's and uncle's and our parents and gr.parents have all passed was a healing event for me.i had to go back to what i was runnig away from over 50yrs ago.painful issues and hurt feelings.we basically back then grew up in poverty.all those struggling yrs.we were rasised by our gr.parents in small farming community down south.
was nice to go back down there to reunite and share our childhood stories with our cousins..some of them i hadn't seen since i was 15yrs.old..LOL i felt the need to address alot of things. some great memories and some not so great.i needed to go back (everything old is new again) after 50 yrs.i could feel the healing taking place inside of now i can turn the page into my new life.release the old way of thinking and acting into my new higher consciousness of my being. i know i had to let the past go and bless it as it has brought me to where i am now. healing,release and forgiveness. i forgave myself as well as others.all this leads me into  whole and complete unto self.soverign!
now that i have accomplished the big healing event for this year.. and i feel at peace about it,that it neded to be done.i can get back to dec.2012  lots of big changes on the horizon..

this whole year flew by so fast. and im anxious to see what our new cycle will bring sure everyone including me,alittle nervous about the unknown .. we should look back to the year 2000 everyone was all hyped up about the end of the millennium (one thousand yrs.).i remember people saying to store some extra water that the world would be coming to and end .. it never sure will be same  thing for dec21-2012.. i feel its end of a cycle and beginning of a new one from all i have been reading!! humanity so ready for a new cycle.old worn out ways needs to exit. one door closes(old cycle) new door has to open(new cycle).im putting on my new new way of  looking at everything. i heard on a christian  tv show recently. a guy ran into a lady he knew from the past and the lady says"the person you're looking for dosen't live in here anymore".when we make our new transition from the old to the new, then its obvious."the old me dosen't live in here anymore".we're a new creature with a higher vibration and renewed sense of freshness!! i actually cant wait  and so look forward to a new cycle of life here on many changes coming forward and im going to hang onto my hat !!

Quote:myles davis "do not fear mistakes.there are none".

and one more quote and im signing off:

"healing does not come from anyone must accept guidance from within". a couse in miracles

i want to wish everyone Happy Holidays and many blessings! marylen

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

"when you arise in the morning give thanks for the morning light,for your life,strength.give thanks for your food and the joy of living.if you see no reason for giving thanks,the fault lies with yourself".tecumseh shawnee chief

update: from last post going to revisit down south where i grew going in december with my sure will be some tears.i have big bunch of relatives that havent seen in im so excited..first real excitment i have had in my life in such longtime..after about 50yrs.everything definitely new again!!

found this quote by t.s.eliot and i wrote about it before in another post but it applies to my life even more me has so much meaning..especially writing about everything old is new goes:"we shall not cease from exploration and the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started and know the place for the first time". when i left downsouth at 15 was living in my ego.(me,me,me) and now going back in my 60's mature and full of emotions..thats like night and day ! LOL will be like seeing the place for the very first time...cant wait..

geting back to my blogging:today 9-11 and want to say"we shall never forget 9-11  our hearts go out to all the love has been a difficult time for us all..we have come together in unity".

i found some interesting stuff in book i order on called finding yourself in transition by robert brumet ..  its easy to read and understand type of book.i read it 2 times LOL so want quote "3 stages of the transition process.. endings,the void,new beginnings which makes sense because the void part prepares you for your new beginnings..i went thru-this very thing. the void: (feeling of emptyness and a sense of wandering in the wilderness.then we finally come to the last stage which is new beginnings.)i feel im finishing up the void now(took long enoughLOL)so once everything's out of us.our emotions are cleared and we let go of drama..and we learn integrity and honesty.we're ready for our new beginning!! i felt hopelessness for long time because of all the fatigue..being that tired just seem to ruin everything..all that starting to fade now..becoming enthusiastic once again..this process was such a milestone.getting back to normal seems so wonderful..and starting to look at the world once again with fresh eyes!!

one more quote and im signing off:" and in the end,its not the years in your life that count.its the life in your years". abe lincoln

not sure if i will be bloggin again before i go down,catch you on the otherside of my big reunion..

many blessings!! marylen

Saturday, August 4, 2012

"there's nothing to fear on your journey.your captain knows the way".

i keep resonating with articles i have been reading.everything old is new again.i keep thinking i would like to revisit where i grew up down south and go over old memories.i moved to michigan usa when i was 15yrs.and lost contact with everything and pretty much everyone over the yrs.this energy keeps coming up in my consciousness over and over.near future will return for sure everything has changed, been in michigan over 50yrs sure the place has big-changes and so have i changed..finally matured.LOL my downtime over 10yrs now has been about healing..think this whole planet going thru-same thing.. a cocoon of healing,so we can renew ourselves and the,everything old will be new again!!

this little article got off the spirit library.sarah-jane grace"a wave after wave of new energy and new consciousness floods the earth.such rapid shift is intense but it seems necessary now as we shake up all that we know in order to find truth!"

all the unexpected intense energies coming to earth are knocking me silly.i can hardly move my neck(in fact i have to turn my whole body) and back so sore from these downloads of energy.not to mention they cause,i just stay inside until it all notsure why this stuff keeps happening over and over..there must be some reason.or is it just part of our being rewired and nervous system upgrades.....:"full consciousness can not be achieved without pain." think he's right !!carl jung

last week i had a dream that my gr.daughter handed me a beautiful butterfly pin,that you wear on coats and was pink and purple crystal' wondering if this means that my spiritual transformation is complete? God can i come out of my healing cocoon now? LOL wrote about it in another blog,that it takes  12.8yrs for this process.atleast i must really be close to  that.

getting back to dreams.i read that humans are born with a type of archtype or symbolism that shows up in their dreamstate thru-out their lives.i think this is true because i had same type of dream over and over..our dreams are spirit talking and guiding  us!

couple more quotes then must get off here.going into 90's again today and humid..very tired of this hot weather...makes people irritable..

"everything in the universe is within you.ask all from yourself".rumi

carl jung call the mass mind"the collective unconscious."

many blessings !! marylen

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

"you're a book of secrets waiting to be opened".deepak chopra

its very quiet in my world at the moment and i havent had much to write about lately..i know lots going-on in outside world.. i hear the news daily..lots of planet movement stuff also,so im just trying to "just be".

i found this quote today as i was going thru-some notes: "illness can be a new lease on life.all you have to do is look deep down inside to get the answer"

also was going thru-some books i bought back in the 90's and it said the bible's old energy and the predictions will not happen but according to king james version of the bible ecclesiates 3:15 says"that which has been is now and that which is to be has already been and god requireth that which is past.(means history repeats itself)everything old is a new cycle of life..according to the im not sure we cannot discount the bible as old energy in my opinion..

also found some notes of the past from  a book called the family of light by barbara marcinaik and this paragragh makes so much sense to me."you're a biological mechanism designed with impeccability and are being upgraded at warp speed by the great electromagnetic and cosmic  waves imprint you with knowledge from the zodiac belt.the library that houses the ancestral records in this realm of existence."

earth's being hit with so many changes and seems like all at once..these cosmic waves of energy and CME's and all the earth changes and our bodies,Dna and nervous system upgrades and heart palpations...alittle overwhelming to say the wonder we're all alittle moody LOL.

one more quote and i have to go take dog out.."our new bodies.the physical sun's working like crazy.this will activate us as well.people will get chest tightness  during solar flares but solar flares actually clean us out and raise up our brings everything to the surface thats not light.this is why we have nightmares or have old issues that come up because we need to finish cleaning the body's old memory."aluna joy yaxkin

all this stuff i have been studying for long-long time and its really starting to make good sense..only bad thing ..i still dont have much energy and dont know if that's going to change..having no energy does keep me calm and most part peaceful..i do get alittle irritated at times,like everyone else..

see you after the summer solstice..happy summer!! many blessing!! marylen

Sunday, April 1, 2012

"be faithful to that which exists within yourself "andre gide

"remind people to only use what they need and then there'll be enough for everyone"hopi indians..

 "this is the time of great purification to the 5th world.remain noble." hopi..

our job now to live from our soul based awareness(our higher self).if your higher self says this dont feel right then (dont do it).higher self always know the right answers..we all have to step up to the plate and be responsible and accountable for our more playing ignorant on the planet.we're all going to full consciousness(means more god like).

"you're soul's calling you.begin to operate,to flow,from your soul,your soul comes to the're soul is feeling..feeling from your higher-self.connecting to your own soul walk in the path of transformation as you grow and understand so much expand your consciousness".kuthumi thru-lynette leckie clark..

webster dictionary defines the soul as "moral or emotional nature of man.spiritual and emotional's true feelings."

well 2012 going fast so far and im wondering if dec.2012 will be catastrophic as predicted or will it be just another day? will the sun still come up asusal and go down asusal? people panic easily because its all unknown.we all are scared of the unknown but looks like big changes are on the horizon.just look at the weather patterns.i live not far from all the tornado's that hit dexter mich. in one wants change but without change we cant grow..change is essential to life on this planet.. must admit all these changes make me alittle nervous and im the one that suppose to be calm..i do try to stay calm and grounded in the simple way of life..i never knew my life would turn out like this..after 10yrs of being tuned by the universe,im really to get back up and face the dawn of a new day!! blessed be.. im looking for the silver lining myself as im still having ascension symptoms..i have the vertigo most of the time and it probably (most likely) earth spinning faster and faster..but im very tired of not being able to walk straight..most the other symptoms have disappeared.. but must look on the bright side "everything has a reason and purpose". matthew 24:8 all these are the beginning of sorrow..the bible king james version.. we can see light of our own lantern.just look within to see it !! many blessings!! love marylen

Sunday, February 26, 2012

"every person is surrounded by a thought atmosphere thru-this power we're either attracting or attracts like and we attract just what we are in mind".ernest holmes

"my mind is a thoughts are the harvest will be either flower's or weed's".mel weldon

im still in AWE about the dream in the last post on Geometry and i have been foggyheaded since and lot of pain in my neck and back.every time i moved i would nearly scream..dreams do have a way of communicating with me and others too!"dreams are inner voice of spirit speaking to us".marylen

a new geometry is the foundation of the new world.its being encoded inside of us and you must agree to this.we may not understand this new geometry at the moment but as we enter into our new world it will make sense.we're building a new world in stages.we must first create it in spirit and our hearts and mind.geometry is the framework on which our new physical world will be built.the building blocks of our new future.geometry is the framework then comes sound as a frequency.once that's done our intent will begin to take hold.we will be living from the heart...aluna joy yaxkin 2011
thank you so much Aluna joy for helping us to break down whats happening to us.think we all get alittle nervous with these uncharted territories!!

we human are finally coming into our own and we have some big shoes to fill. our scientist say we have junk DNA and i say its our higher self coming to the fore..i say it our soul-awakening to guide us down our spiritual path of life..Big Changes are on the Horizon..i can feel it in my gut!!

"mankind can be saved by returning to his spiritual values".sir arthur conon doyle

newsletter 2012 from barbara marciniak"your DNA is highly adaptable and fully capable of responding to the cosmic waves that are encoded with messages in light frequencies that support the growth of consciousness.

we're headed back to full consciousness(means more god like).i do believe this with all my heart !

all our etheric egg's are crackin and 2013 will be a new human.(thank God,cant wait).i read someplace that 2012 will be a roller-coaster year..but out of CHAOS comes change for the better..out with the old and in with the new..we're all coming together in unity..our next step in evolution..a softer human is in the making!!

"the only source of knowledge is experience".albert einstein

we all have to hang-in-there!! many blessings!! marylen