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Saturday, August 4, 2012

"there's nothing to fear on your journey.your captain knows the way".

i keep resonating with articles i have been reading.everything old is new again.i keep thinking i would like to revisit where i grew up down south and go over old memories.i moved to michigan usa when i was 15yrs.and lost contact with everything and pretty much everyone over the yrs.this energy keeps coming up in my consciousness over and over.near future will return for sure everything has changed, been in michigan over 50yrs sure the place has big-changes and so have i changed..finally matured.LOL my downtime over 10yrs now has been about healing..think this whole planet going thru-same thing.. a cocoon of healing,so we can renew ourselves and the,everything old will be new again!!

this little article got off the spirit library.sarah-jane grace"a wave after wave of new energy and new consciousness floods the earth.such rapid shift is intense but it seems necessary now as we shake up all that we know in order to find truth!"

all the unexpected intense energies coming to earth are knocking me silly.i can hardly move my neck(in fact i have to turn my whole body) and back so sore from these downloads of energy.not to mention they cause,i just stay inside until it all notsure why this stuff keeps happening over and over..there must be some reason.or is it just part of our being rewired and nervous system upgrades.....:"full consciousness can not be achieved without pain." think he's right !!carl jung

last week i had a dream that my gr.daughter handed me a beautiful butterfly pin,that you wear on coats and was pink and purple crystal' wondering if this means that my spiritual transformation is complete? God can i come out of my healing cocoon now? LOL wrote about it in another blog,that it takes  12.8yrs for this process.atleast i must really be close to  that.

getting back to dreams.i read that humans are born with a type of archtype or symbolism that shows up in their dreamstate thru-out their lives.i think this is true because i had same type of dream over and over..our dreams are spirit talking and guiding  us!

couple more quotes then must get off here.going into 90's again today and humid..very tired of this hot weather...makes people irritable..

"everything in the universe is within you.ask all from yourself".rumi

carl jung call the mass mind"the collective unconscious."

many blessings !! marylen

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