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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Quote:wm.ernest henley "I am the master of my fate:I am the captain of my soul".

i am a pilgrim on a spiritual journey.renaissance unity.

i felt back in 2001 that i was pregnant with new life-not in a physical sense.i even gain weight especially around my stomach area just like in real pregnancy ! talk to several people with fibromyalgia and they said same thing happen to them.

i was pregnant in a spiritual sense this process took almost i feel like im getting ready to give birth to a new life or a new creativity.

our planet getting ready to give birth..a new cycles starts dec.2012. we be miraclous to be reborn into a brand new way of being.we will have a higher calling we will listen to our own higher guidance system. life will turn and renew itself.all humanity will have to take responsibility and accountability for own actions.

the earth and all her inhabitants will celebrate anew life a new way of thinking and acting.letting go of the past and all of its negavity.we all are here to hold light and love and healing for our beloved planet called mother earth.she is so awesomely waiting patiently for the egg to crack !!!

earth is having birth pains simply watch the sky for signs.(bible)

jesus called the being"born anew"which means giving birth to the spiritual self of you.this requires placing yourself in alignment with the christ of your being so that you can take directions from a "higher source".as you do so,you discover that you can rely on inner-dependence and your life begin's a process of transformation.....Ron Scott

I make a conscious decision to live from the perfect self that lives within me...renaissance unity

just want to say im finally getting use to my new pc.still alot to learn as each pc alittle different.anyway so delighted to be back in the internet action (fun) LOL

takecare and keep your light burning bright !! love marylen

Sunday, April 11, 2010

All i can say "whole lot shaking going on,"

I'm finally back on internet from what seems like a nightmare.i had dail-up internet for almost 11yrs and the company did away with it and i had to go to high speed internet.which means you have to have special modem kit which was suppose to be mailed to me thru-UPS that was never ordered. guess the girl that took the order forgot to submit it.must be mercury retrograde starting early LOL. so i spent countless hours with waiting mostly on hold.each assistant telling me different story one saying you'll rec' the part on the day of installation. Nota.never rec'd. called again another tech.agent saying dont see that part was ever ordered.called again and again LOL.finally went and bought my own part and it cost me 80.00 which the company suppose to send me gift card for the reinburse me.then i had to set up and another pc system which not to difficult except it dosent work like my old pc.had alittle bit of difficulty with that.

this whole ordeal with pc and high speed internet just stressed me out to the max. last night first night slept well in long time. so

anyway back on line "thank you God".

most people and family and friends couldn't son says he's not pc my point is if im to get back on line once again going to have to do this myself. guess what:

im amazed that i was able to put it all together and hook up to internet myself. never knew had this in me.LOL

anyway want to say im still alive and back on line.such a good feeling!!

love and light and many blessing too!! love marylen