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Friday, January 20, 2012

"every man must do 2 things alone.his own believing and his own dying".martin luther

my pc finally fixed..was a nightmare.these pc's always trying trying to outsmart us human's LOL.only took me 3 weeks to fix and was something so simple,that i never would have thought of ...

back to blogging.its been longtime and had a few significant dreams to bring to the fore:its been said that we all have aleast one book in us and mine seems to be thru-dreams.thats when i seem to do my best WOW! cant believe i dreamed that..

Quote:Black Elk "sometimes dreams are wiser than waking."

"dreams are illustrations from the book your soul is writing about you ."marsha norman

this is the dream i had a few nights ago.i keep my bedroom really dark as so im not distracted.i opened my eyes (was not completely awake)it was about 4am and when i did my whole bedroom was dimly lite with soft-lite.i saw on my white walls and white ceiling completely covered with Geometry Symbol's.never ever in my entire life seen anything like that before.closed my eyes and went back to sleep.when i got up around 6am all i could say is WOW !!

later that day was looking thru-old emails that i had not read because my pc was being weird and i found newsletter from early jan2012 and here a small paragraph.sacred geometry symbol's these symbols are being downloaded inside of us...with our permission..they dont make sense now but they will in the future!geometry,the foundation of the new world..."how cool is that." i guess my mind and body right on target..according to these dreams and not just mine..its a collective (means all).geometry part of the natural world.(i cant read geometry but looks rather interesting)i get alot of downloads at night and im not sure what they all mean sure they will play important role,time to come!!

everything in manifested form is always created in spirit first..without knowing..this is true with our partners to be!! its all played out in dreams..i know first hand..been there done that..LOL

i have that problem of ringing and disortions in the ears,as many people do and found this little bit of info..calibration /ringing in ears....fine tuning our personal energy field.thomas pafe sept.2011

this is from update by lauren gorgo..the ultr-sensitive have been waiting for balance themselves and be released from the electro-magnetic distortions that caused so much suffering for so many years.. (this is so true)i hear all that noise when im trying to sleep at night.certainly get very aggervating..i feel this will be that last year we have to go thru-this stuff.

think i wrote enough for today..i have more dreams to write about..will do it in just so happy that my pc working correctly again..its so exciting LOL.

Want to say Happy New Year everyone!!!!! many blessings for 2012

love marylen

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Happy new year everyone!! i didnt die LOL just having computer problems

hope to have it fixed in another week or so!!hopefully this year will get better didnt start out so good so back on line as soon as possible thanks marylen