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Thursday, November 3, 2011

"As people are walking all the time,in the same spot.a path appears". Luxun

"the collective vibration is now beginning to take and hold your own power".s.rother

A new day is dawning!the era we lived through called the dark-ages now completing itself and a new cycle for our planet and all that lives on her....begins!!

11-11-11 right around the corner. from what i read we will know where we're suppose to go next.i read that we will have uplifting in consciousness.we have done the work and its completion time........yahooooooooo !! im sure after 11-11-11 we will have some exciting me it means walking through two giant white pillars into a higher vibration.its our next step in evolution..cant wait,i have worked so hard to get to this point..everyday of my life i keep saying God im so tired,God tired of listening to that same old phrase.LOL anyway im sure we will have some nice surprises from the universe.the mayan calander ended according to on oct28-11 so now we must expect the unexpected!! we're at completion and guess that means we must stand on our on two feet..that will be fun ! lol

my quote since i love to quote.i do have few quotes of my own.."cant stay on the roost have to fly eventually".


I went through-death like the caterpillar only to later emerge as a beautiful winged moth"the Butterfly".

i want to write about a dream i had recently because i feel its a collective dream (means all).i was so shook-up when i woke up because it seem so was moving at a high-rate of abruptly as it started it stopped.we,a few people in the house didnt know what was and a guy(not sure who he was)starting crawling on the floor toward each hang-on to each other so we wouldnt fall off.all the people in the house we're dressed in white shorts and white tee-shirt.i say that means its a spiritual dream. after few minutes(seem like hours) the fast movement felt like one of those amusement park rides goes around and around so fast that one dont know which end is up. we we're all so scared in the dream.there's no earth shaking in the dream just going around fast..i dont know if this mean the magnetic poles being realigned and balanced and us with it...not sure.all i can say this was an eye-opening dream..mabey its a premonition but all i can say Hang onto your hats and get ready for a wild ride!! i get goose-bumps writing this dream.its comes from my inner core..wanted to share this dream as i feel it has much-importance..

i havent been blogging much lately just been in a stalemate mood not sure if has anything to do with all the changing energies out there or sure it will pass soon..

i wish us all good luck on 11-11-11 those numbers cause a tingle of excitement in me for some reason...

takecare! the holiday coming up soon so i wont be back blogging until jan2012 (awe!! that has a ring to it)
want to wish everyone Happy Holidays!!!!!!!!!! many blessing marylen