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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

"people are starving all over the world but this country is starving spiritually".mother theresa

I never cease to be amazed at the myriad ways you speak to me,words from a book,lyrics of a song.a note from a friend,the rustle of the wind blown leaves on the lawn.renaissance unity

if we listen to our own inner guidance system it will lead the way for us because it comes from a higher order.just trust it. its not things and stuff that makes us human's happy its our deepest emotions that are connected to the most high.I appreciate all life's wonder's. all the little things are important to me.

my inner shaman(healing)wants to come out.i spent number of yrs.emptying myself of old worn out thought patterns and shedding my old-skin like a snake.then life can turn and renew itself. just trust the process!!

"you're inner-self is your soul,the part of you which lives forever.the part of you that's always there to help,guide and protect you.within the inner soul burn's the flame which connects you to the entire cosmos of creation".owen waters

aug2010 in the middle of the night i could hear intense buzzing in my ear's.was really loud ! it was a download into my nervous system causing my neck to be sore,also caused high emotion and anxiety.when i get this it lasts for days i went into a fog and i have trouble concentrating.i ran around for several days with this anxiety mode and in middle of the for many night this anxiety just would'nt go away.i know i have to decipher these emotions but haven't foot-hole on them.i do have inner peace within but these episode's just floor me because i cant as of yet figure them out.still working on that. i was always a person of high-energy and enthusiam but going through this process to carry more light has in a good-way caused me to be low-key and quiet.(which not like me)LOL.

"you have to hush the heart and bid all your senses be still before you can attuned to receive heaven's music".daily meditation

"God brings men into deep waters not to drown them,but to cleanse them".aughey

"if you make friends with yourself,you'll never have to be alone".maxwell maltz

not alot to write about lately.its been quiet all through the holiday just passed.i do my best to stay away from stressful situations out there in the world.i cannot take stress in my life anymore or anxiety.i do alot of reading and try to absorp all i read..and do my best to stay in a quiet non-drama mode. i havent had any collective dreams lately,will put them out there as soon as i do!!!

keep smiling and keep love in your heart !! love marylen