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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

"when you arise in the morning give thanks for the morning light,for your life,strength.give thanks for your food and the joy of living.if you see no reason for giving thanks,the fault lies with yourself".tecumseh shawnee chief

update: from last post going to revisit down south where i grew going in december with my sure will be some tears.i have big bunch of relatives that havent seen in im so excited..first real excitment i have had in my life in such longtime..after about 50yrs.everything definitely new again!!

found this quote by t.s.eliot and i wrote about it before in another post but it applies to my life even more me has so much meaning..especially writing about everything old is new goes:"we shall not cease from exploration and the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started and know the place for the first time". when i left downsouth at 15 was living in my ego.(me,me,me) and now going back in my 60's mature and full of emotions..thats like night and day ! LOL will be like seeing the place for the very first time...cant wait..

geting back to my blogging:today 9-11 and want to say"we shall never forget 9-11  our hearts go out to all the love has been a difficult time for us all..we have come together in unity".

i found some interesting stuff in book i order on called finding yourself in transition by robert brumet ..  its easy to read and understand type of book.i read it 2 times LOL so want quote "3 stages of the transition process.. endings,the void,new beginnings which makes sense because the void part prepares you for your new beginnings..i went thru-this very thing. the void: (feeling of emptyness and a sense of wandering in the wilderness.then we finally come to the last stage which is new beginnings.)i feel im finishing up the void now(took long enoughLOL)so once everything's out of us.our emotions are cleared and we let go of drama..and we learn integrity and honesty.we're ready for our new beginning!! i felt hopelessness for long time because of all the fatigue..being that tired just seem to ruin everything..all that starting to fade now..becoming enthusiastic once again..this process was such a milestone.getting back to normal seems so wonderful..and starting to look at the world once again with fresh eyes!!

one more quote and im signing off:" and in the end,its not the years in your life that count.its the life in your years". abe lincoln

not sure if i will be bloggin again before i go down,catch you on the otherside of my big reunion..

many blessings!! marylen

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