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Thursday, December 6, 2012

"Behold a sacred voice is calling you.all over the sky a sacred voice is calling you".Black Elk

this is continuation from my last blog :my sister and i are back from down south reunion,was a touching(emotional) reunion with our cousins..all the aunt's and uncle's and our parents and gr.parents have all passed was a healing event for me.i had to go back to what i was runnig away from over 50yrs ago.painful issues and hurt feelings.we basically back then grew up in poverty.all those struggling yrs.we were rasised by our gr.parents in small farming community down south.
was nice to go back down there to reunite and share our childhood stories with our cousins..some of them i hadn't seen since i was 15yrs.old..LOL i felt the need to address alot of things. some great memories and some not so great.i needed to go back (everything old is new again) after 50 yrs.i could feel the healing taking place inside of now i can turn the page into my new life.release the old way of thinking and acting into my new higher consciousness of my being. i know i had to let the past go and bless it as it has brought me to where i am now. healing,release and forgiveness. i forgave myself as well as others.all this leads me into  whole and complete unto self.soverign!
now that i have accomplished the big healing event for this year.. and i feel at peace about it,that it neded to be done.i can get back to dec.2012  lots of big changes on the horizon..

this whole year flew by so fast. and im anxious to see what our new cycle will bring sure everyone including me,alittle nervous about the unknown .. we should look back to the year 2000 everyone was all hyped up about the end of the millennium (one thousand yrs.).i remember people saying to store some extra water that the world would be coming to and end .. it never sure will be same  thing for dec21-2012.. i feel its end of a cycle and beginning of a new one from all i have been reading!! humanity so ready for a new cycle.old worn out ways needs to exit. one door closes(old cycle) new door has to open(new cycle).im putting on my new new way of  looking at everything. i heard on a christian  tv show recently. a guy ran into a lady he knew from the past and the lady says"the person you're looking for dosen't live in here anymore".when we make our new transition from the old to the new, then its obvious."the old me dosen't live in here anymore".we're a new creature with a higher vibration and renewed sense of freshness!! i actually cant wait  and so look forward to a new cycle of life here on many changes coming forward and im going to hang onto my hat !!

Quote:myles davis "do not fear mistakes.there are none".

and one more quote and im signing off:

"healing does not come from anyone must accept guidance from within". a couse in miracles

i want to wish everyone Happy Holidays and many blessings! marylen

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  1. i wont be posting on this blogspot anymore,my new blog. butterfly wings are dry!! thank you marylen