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Sunday, August 25, 2013

"contentment is the only real wealth".alfred nobel

hi everyone
been longtime since i blogged on here. alot has happened since last dec2012..had some health issues.getting over pneumonia.i coughed for three months.felt like a lump in back of my left sure it was a blood vessel.had a through eye exam but doc.didnt say anything. month later it popped and pressure was released and eye was blood so much better.

plus i takecare of  two's a puppy belongs to my daughter and he's a handful lol. havent had much time to say the least.

im certainly happy the dec.2012 went by so easily.i was alittle nervous. 4 blood moons starting april 2014 and ending on oct.2015 thats making me nervous also.

the reason im writing on here to say i want be blogging on here anymore.i have started a new blog.. check it out  called butterfly wings are dry!!

"if it sounds like writing i rewrite it"elmore leonard

takecare marylen

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