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Sunday, April 1, 2012

"be faithful to that which exists within yourself "andre gide

"remind people to only use what they need and then there'll be enough for everyone"hopi indians..

 "this is the time of great purification to the 5th world.remain noble." hopi..

our job now to live from our soul based awareness(our higher self).if your higher self says this dont feel right then (dont do it).higher self always know the right answers..we all have to step up to the plate and be responsible and accountable for our more playing ignorant on the planet.we're all going to full consciousness(means more god like).

"you're soul's calling you.begin to operate,to flow,from your soul,your soul comes to the're soul is feeling..feeling from your higher-self.connecting to your own soul walk in the path of transformation as you grow and understand so much expand your consciousness".kuthumi thru-lynette leckie clark..

webster dictionary defines the soul as "moral or emotional nature of man.spiritual and emotional's true feelings."

well 2012 going fast so far and im wondering if dec.2012 will be catastrophic as predicted or will it be just another day? will the sun still come up asusal and go down asusal? people panic easily because its all unknown.we all are scared of the unknown but looks like big changes are on the horizon.just look at the weather patterns.i live not far from all the tornado's that hit dexter mich. in one wants change but without change we cant grow..change is essential to life on this planet.. must admit all these changes make me alittle nervous and im the one that suppose to be calm..i do try to stay calm and grounded in the simple way of life..i never knew my life would turn out like this..after 10yrs of being tuned by the universe,im really to get back up and face the dawn of a new day!! blessed be.. im looking for the silver lining myself as im still having ascension symptoms..i have the vertigo most of the time and it probably (most likely) earth spinning faster and faster..but im very tired of not being able to walk straight..most the other symptoms have disappeared.. but must look on the bright side "everything has a reason and purpose". matthew 24:8 all these are the beginning of sorrow..the bible king james version.. we can see light of our own lantern.just look within to see it !! many blessings!! love marylen

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