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Sunday, February 26, 2012

"every person is surrounded by a thought atmosphere thru-this power we're either attracting or attracts like and we attract just what we are in mind".ernest holmes

"my mind is a thoughts are the harvest will be either flower's or weed's".mel weldon

im still in AWE about the dream in the last post on Geometry and i have been foggyheaded since and lot of pain in my neck and back.every time i moved i would nearly scream..dreams do have a way of communicating with me and others too!"dreams are inner voice of spirit speaking to us".marylen

a new geometry is the foundation of the new world.its being encoded inside of us and you must agree to this.we may not understand this new geometry at the moment but as we enter into our new world it will make sense.we're building a new world in stages.we must first create it in spirit and our hearts and mind.geometry is the framework on which our new physical world will be built.the building blocks of our new future.geometry is the framework then comes sound as a frequency.once that's done our intent will begin to take hold.we will be living from the heart...aluna joy yaxkin 2011
thank you so much Aluna joy for helping us to break down whats happening to us.think we all get alittle nervous with these uncharted territories!!

we human are finally coming into our own and we have some big shoes to fill. our scientist say we have junk DNA and i say its our higher self coming to the fore..i say it our soul-awakening to guide us down our spiritual path of life..Big Changes are on the Horizon..i can feel it in my gut!!

"mankind can be saved by returning to his spiritual values".sir arthur conon doyle

newsletter 2012 from barbara marciniak"your DNA is highly adaptable and fully capable of responding to the cosmic waves that are encoded with messages in light frequencies that support the growth of consciousness.

we're headed back to full consciousness(means more god like).i do believe this with all my heart !

all our etheric egg's are crackin and 2013 will be a new human.(thank God,cant wait).i read someplace that 2012 will be a roller-coaster year..but out of CHAOS comes change for the better..out with the old and in with the new..we're all coming together in unity..our next step in evolution..a softer human is in the making!!

"the only source of knowledge is experience".albert einstein

we all have to hang-in-there!! many blessings!! marylen

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