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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

everything on this earth matters! if it didnt matter we wouldnt be here !!

im getting the mindset of 2012 peace for our planet no more more people fighting people in everyday life.a mindset of peace and calm for the planet.if everyone would become peaceful then war would not exist..

this earth deserves so much more respect than she gets.i walk at the park by my house almost everyday and i cant believe how much trash that people just throw around and there's trash receptacles all around. the park's free and the guys that work there doing maintenance have to go around cleaning up after people.humanity needs to get in alignment with nature and the cosmo's start accepting responsibility and accountability for their own being and stop shifting the blame to others.we must honor earth and ourselves to rise up and be who we truly are Devine children of the most high.....

we are all being awakened to collectively to raise up the planets vibration.our etheric egg that surrounds us getting ready to pop. start crackin open and we all will be little fledlings(young and inexperieced) we will be flapping of tiny little wings LOL.we are ending the old and new beginnings simultaneously.its like anxiety and exhilaration.relief the old worn out ways are ending and excited,anticipation of the new beginnings..

we must all trust our inner child like faith and believe with you heart and trust our inner guidance system steer us in the direction we need to go.

quote:Ralph waldo Emerson"were very near to greatness one step and were safe.can we not take the leap".

my c.fatigue syn.alot,i mean alot better now only been close to ten the symptoms are fading fast and i feel so much better now and my life has more meaning.i spent many-many yrs in the wilderness(figure of speech) but i did learn so more than i ever knew possible.i learn where my heart really's not about cant buy happiness because happiness come thru-the heart.we humans are emotional beings.the wilderness taught me to be humble and to have attitude of grateful each day for something.each night before bed i count my 65yrs and i made it this far very grateful for that!!

I belive experiences in life will turn into wisdom later in life.

"strange as it may seem to you there exists a mystic power thats able to transform your life so thoroughly so radically so completely that when the process is completed your own friends would hardly recognize you".Dr.emmet fox

thank you guys for listening today.many blessings!! love marylen

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