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Monday, November 8, 2010

"all the doors that lead inward to the sacred peace of the most high are doors outwards-out of self.out of smallness.out of wrong".George mcDonald

Cosmic wisdom is encoded in your DNA and cells !!

Go Cosmic and get out of your own way so spirit can flow easily and effortlessly.spirit will do all the work if you rid yourselfof all emotional stuff from the past,spirit will do the rest."do your best and leave the rest to God".took me long time but have learn to just be! im content now after all those years of just spinning my tires and going nowhere fast.(there's a peace of God that surpasses all understanding) finally found that peace and loving it LOL.

its all the sweet,simple things in life that makes life worthwhile.I try to keep my head from the outside world of illusion and keep it on the inside world. there where all the magic lies.its our connection to the most high.all the meaning of life lies in the inside world and thru-our clean slate of emotions.i spent so many yrs felt like i was up against a dark wall and couldn't find the was a dark time in my sure i could label it the "dark night of the soul" seems so appropriate to call it that.i use to ask all the time "God what am i going thru-kept getting same answer"cleansing".that took many yrs.... i told my sister"i have been processed".lol

what im getting at all this increases our frequency and when we do that(i know it takes yrs) but nothing happens in a minute.when we change our frequency everything changes.nothing can remain the same one we increase of frequency.our thought patterns change.i have become so hper-sensitive that everything effects me now on a deep level.....when we change our frequency all our stuff(houses,clothes,cars,boats,electric devices) are not going to matter anymore.this is how humans define themselves by the stuff they own.those things will be of no impotance anymore.

i simplified my life and so much nicer and stressfree(almost)LOL

earth's changing therefore humans are too! we must respect and honor earth therefore our lives will be much sweeter and less complicated.i look forward with all my heart to the shift into 2012.will be wonderful time to be on earth !!

creating a tide of change that will lead us to our next shoreline.anytime we can begin anew!!

what to update:been practing the "filter method" from steve rother theory and its seems to help alot.i surround myself with the filter each morn when i get up..helps alot with the anxiety.

this last blog until after the holidays.thanksgiving around the corner and then xmas so will be busy for awhile. want to wish everyone Happy Holidays and see you jan2011 until then keep smiling and many blessings too!! love marylen

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  1. Hello is so nice to finally meet you ! Thank you for your comment on my site...I apologize that I have not checked back there for quite some time, as I have found my best suited home-base on 'Flickr' (lily-girl)...I do believe we have much in common and been 'Awakened' to truth in knowing and forming a New understanding of Mother Earth and the power of Spirit...I will return to read more of your blogs...but I must go for now...Wishing you Peace & Happiness ~