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Sunday, July 5, 2009

were all in the same boat we just have different paddles!

i havent been blogging lately and nothing really going on.its quiet except for my pc froze and crashed yesterday on 4th of july.that was little upsetting! just have felt out of sorts lately as they say.i guess it's part of the ascension process. i have learned to just take it a day at time and that seems to work well for me.i spent most my life living and planning for the future. now im happy just looking up at the star's and walking in nature and also watching little animals at play.i have learned alot from nature. animals just pure energy.they just do what what they do look for food.they're content.
i have learned to listen to my heart and inner voice of God and follow my inner for me. until next time takecare and many blessings!!
if you seek happiness look inside your heart for answers. works everytime.marylen

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