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Thursday, May 14, 2009

im patiently still waiting

i have been idle now for 8yrs and trusting that my life has a higher purpose.i feel im being called by the universe to go thru-this idle time process. there's been times i have been little more than ticked off...waiting for this process to end but im still there.i know from what i have been through that my nervous system has been took real strength to get thru-that process.that process wasn't for the faint of heart thats for sure.i feel this year will be spiritual freedom because i seen it in a dream...many just like me that are waiting also seen it also in the same dream.
i have lived here almost 8yrs in my own little apartment,sanctuary and have devoted my time to writing in my journals and also doing alot of reading.lots of pc work too.
one thing for sure first time in my life i ever had time to myself.i did give up my social life and just about all my friends to be fully present in my inner world connection to source.
i do know i have a greater purpose in life just took all this time for me to be processed im sure!!

Quote:carl jung"your vision will become clear only when you look into your heart"


  1. Hi Marylen, I too have been where you are, and have found resolution through patience and meditation. I have recently begun a new series of postings of the messages as they are received. As I attempted to access my blog, Messages from the Masters, I was transported to your site. Perhaps there is a purpose for this. Many Blessings to you Marylen.

  2. thank you for letting me know im not alone in this.i felt like giving up so many times.sometimes i ask myself why am i doing this?what's the purpose but i get the feeling something higher going on..thanks so much !!marylen

  3. yoo hooo-yes was on my way to masters and ended up here. good relatable blog, i appreciate your process. i too have a little sanctuary and have had a curious 2 wks of notmuch-thingness. i am blessed to live in another world every other season with my beloved in Bali, tho when back in USA its a quandry, like doing grid work for the masses or something from a small circle of redwoods in the heart of LA.
    i am blessed and grateful to be alive. in beauty, Renee Ariel