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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

"an awakening is the discovery and liberation of our true identity"aruna byers newsletter

"You're learning to trust. TRUST:to rely upon spirit totally".

spirit is never to late....before ye call i have answered.

these are things i have felt in my downtime and usure at the time what was took me years of reading and exploring to figure out what i was going through:i dont feel like myself.i feel different.sometimes i feel all alone like God has abandoned me.i felt like no one cared.sometimes i just dont understand other people.they're so insensitive.sometimes i felt betrayed and lost and no goal's on the agenda..i would cry for no reason. all this had a reason but didnt truly understand at the time.these we're inner workings and clearing's and i was being transformed !!

"welcome to transformation" we're not who we think we are..i had to just let go and trust the process!! on the path of spiritual awakening things are not always as they seem.

in 2001 i just stepped off into the unknown.i was scared to death but i knew life couldn't go on the way it was.i was at a crossroads and unsure which way to go.i felt i had completed what i had come here to do.i had a fullness from the material world and it was inner timeclock saying its time for inner world,so i closed my eyes and just trusted that i would grow wings as i stepped into the i am today writing about all the inner changes that took place and im learning to smile and dance again..LOL today i have much wisdom from my experiences and my heart's full and overflowing with love of self and love for all life.

what's close to my heart in sharing my happiness is like a buffet of joy!!

"get out your own way and stay there". so spirit can do the guiding..

was reading a newsletter from james tyberonn here goes few sentences which thought was interesting!! next 2yrs. 2011-2012 the love of power will begin to be displaced by the power of love.its already in motion.the transformation occurs on heart at a time inside each of you".jan2011

here's one my favorite verses in the bible. 1corinthians 15:51-52 i show you a mystery "we shall all be changed in a moment in a twinkling of an eye".

i know something big is on the horizon because i can feel the excitment of it..thank God i have learned to feel again LOL.. we're going back to full consciousness (more God like) 2012-2013 will be the line of demarcation.a new cycle of life(heart based)will commence..

"the universe is one vast symbol of God".thomas carlyle

"rise to a new,higher level but to get there we must transform in a different way.material structures will change from this we will have the opportunity to be more human".

want to say Happy New Year everyone!! hope 2011 be be less bumpy than last few yrs. a buffet of love to all of you..marylen


  1. welcome to 2011 'marylen' ! a fine post ! so much of what you say I connect with...'Stepping into the unknown...we are not who we think we are...the LOve of power will become the power of LOve.' Those that see with their Heart will inherit the New World...and it is coming very soon. the flock has begun to gather...Light-workers are the 1st to understand must seek out Keisha Crowther (tribe of many colors) she is also on facebook & has posted many enlightening videos on's time to prepare ourselves...keep your crystal close to your Heart & give LOve & blessings to Mother-Earth daily...this is vital now for what's coming, pay attention to what is happening around you...numbers will play important messages to you...are you identifying with any right now..."We see more than just numbers"... God bless you 'marylen' and stay centered in the 'Light' !~ Regards, Bev

  2. yes i see all the time.......44 or 444 to the point of thinking im going this was 2-3 yrs back my digital clock went out but kept flashing 144 so i check all the electricity but was all on.never figured out why my digital clock kept flashing 144.a mystery to me. thank you for adding a comment means alot to me.tell's me if im going in right direction.thank you!! marylen